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What is special about doing SEO for IT companies?

For some people, it may be quite a disputable question - using paid search engine traffic, or drive it directly to the website? As for me, sometimes dealing with the software development, handling SEO for IT companies organically isn’t the matter of any choice. Organic traffic usually brings the highest rate of conversion, hence giving best quality leads, and bearing no substantial costs. Just some cold ratios to stand organic once and for all. According to the recent survey, an overwhelming estimate over 90% of all clicks in Google was grabbed namely with organic search results, while the paid search only took a miserable piece of something about 7%. After all, SEO for IT companies has much more in common with the ordinary concept, rather than something unique. Let’s try to check it step by step.

seo for it companies

Nowadays, there is an innumerable number of different options to drive higher traffic to the web pages on practically any topic. Most commonly, speaking about SEO we mean an average online business, for example, a web store. In fact, it hardly matters what industry we are dealing with. Apart from SEO for IT companies, we might as well have any other example, picking any market niche we can imagine. Even that way, however, my general suggestion is still going to remain all the same. The thing is that from the viewpoint of SEO and Google search engine itself, there are just two core page ranking factors:

  • High-quality content rich with relevant keywords and key phrases, which delivers much value to every reader;
  • Organic backlinks connecting the page with the other websites. A correlation between quality backlinks and their number, to be precise.

Long ago, there was a rationale that abusing a little with a keyword density (within a relevant content topic) could be pretty enough just to feel good with your website. That way, placing some seemingly good backlinks stuffed with the keywords and addressing them to some strong, yet possibly irrelevant authority with just a couple somehow matching keywords could easily drive perhaps every lucky website on the top of Google search. Doing so, we could literally make no difference - doing SEO for IT companies, or for example some foodstuff retailer. The only provision, and hence the core difference, was all the same - doing some donkeywork to manipulate that former dumb “logic” of the machine.

seo for company

But those times passed, and today Google’s search algorithms are becoming more and more sophisticated. In plain words, the search engine is fully able now to put every page content under hardest evaluation, using over 200 parameters to finally make a raking decision. Any cheating, abuse or even the best developed manipulative schemes are no longer applicable. So, the fair play of today means having only quality content for people, as well as too much technical stuff to make the website featured for the search engines. To get the rest basic understanding, besides the content and links, I recommend reading about top 10 current ranking factors of SEO. Just go browsing, it’s a hot topic.

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