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How to build a strong SEO strategie in six simple steps?

In a contemporary business world, SEO marketing strategy implementation is the best option to make your business prosperous. However, when it comes to developing and executing a sound SEO strategy, most online merchants do not know where to begin.

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Six best SEO strategies to implement in 2017

Make a list of keywords

Keywords play the leading role in the building of any SEO marketing strategy. The first thing you should do while starting your SEO campaign is selecting ten keywords relevant to your niche. After doing so, inject them into Google’s Keyword Tool. This tool will help you to create search phrase variations that would make sense for your business. Search volume and competition should be at the core of the keyword identification measure. After that, a marketer may prioritize key phrases in order of their relevance. This list should be evolving and keep up with industry trends.

Keyword-focused pages

It's significant for a successful SEO strategy to create multiple web pages, tailored to target specific keywords. The keywords list should work as a guide through your site pages. Ultimately, the number of pages should coincide with the different aspects of your business such as products, locations or offerings. Each page on your site should include relevant content that will be useful to your potential clients and help them make a purchase. Moreover, SEO-friendly content will improve your website ranking. Marketers used to rank website pages in the order of their importance. In this case, they should always keep an updated list of keywords.

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Create a blog

Blogging is a creative way to engage users and maintain keywords ranking. Regular blog updates make it possible to include new keywords in the provided content. A blog should be updated at least once a week to remain relevant.

Create link-building SEO strategies

Off-page SEO includes link-building. Measuring the link juice helps to determine how well a site ranks on search engines. It raises a question how to get inbound links to a website. Start with links exchange and blog post sharing on social media. Guest blogging is another way to go. You can use a blog to post content related to the business news and events. In such a way, you have a chance to receive links from influencers or other bloggers in your industry.

Keep up with SEO news and practices

In a search engine industry, only those online merchants who stay aware of the current trends remain relevant. It is a difficult task to keep up with all industry innovations. However, you may ask for true experts’ assistance or find some useful tips at SEO agencies’ blogs like this.

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Monitor the performance of the SEO strategy

Rank optimization is both time and effort consuming task. It is significant to track all website statistical data to understand whether your promotional campaign successful or not. This way, it becomes possible to measure a success of an SEO strategy plan used. Use Google Analytics, or a simple Excel sheet to check how much traffic your website receives monthly.

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