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How to find keywords on a website?

Google, Bing and other search engines are getting more and more sophisticated with their main focus recently set on quality. That’s why the role of keywords has changed, particularly in terms of SEO. As it is, keyword optimization remains a strong factor determining search rankings. However, it’s not dominating anymore.

how to find keywords

Try to understand how to find keywords right

How do they evaluate your website's content? Can you possibly determine or at least adjust search results for a certain keyword or phrase? After all, how to make the right use of that data? I suggest drawing the task into 3 separate routes:

• doing basic keyword research

• creating a core list of phrases and keywords within your niche

• enhancing them to create long-tail keywords

Keyword optimization: still strong, but losing steam

To pronounce a good explanation, it's important to back it up with supporting figures. I mean the primary influence of keyword optimization is gradually wearing off. All the same, however, one should not put these works on the shelf as dealing with improper or faulty content paves you the way to penalization or even de-indexing by search engines.

But here is a dilemma: can you possibly find some reasonable compromise between keyword optimization and content quality, particularly in terms of other SEO focussed practices? I believe, there is a way. Well, let’s have a detailed re-examination.

When you put yourself in the shoes of the searcher, you're bound to come up with great content. If it is engaging, readers will be impelled to share it or do business with you. In addition, when your website gets equally appreciated by crawlers relying on certain search phrases, your total positive effect will become accumulative. Should you face some real complications, try to find competitors keywords and analyze the best of them. Or you may find it useful to get assisted with some SEO keyword tool, however it can’t do everything for you anyway, it’s just able to show you the right direction to move on.

Don't shy away from delving deep into the subject, remember there are multiple content solutions widely discussed by many blogging communities. They simply suggest spreading your long-tail keywords to get better visibility. And it works!

how to find keywords on a website

Place your keywords strategically

Away from the content quality, your keyword placement does matter! Here are some tips to have the most efficient location for your keywords:

•  the keywords must be in the title, headline and primary areas of your content like in the first paragraph, the middle, and the end of your article

•  try mentioning the keywords as often as you can, but be careful as disrupting natural language turns your content into a piece of junk. Use the keywords liberally and in a sensible way.

•  bunch up the allied keywords or phrases together. You can also through HTML elements like the bulleted list

Once again, don’t abuse keywords stuffing, otherwise, your content will be completely ruined.

seo keyword tool

Don't compromise on the quality

While it is natural that you're bound to make a sales pitch, it does no harm to stick to the benchmark standard set. Keeping that in mind, you should give consideration to the following actions:

• providing the buyer with valuable information

• offering unique takeaways on the content to stand out from the crowd

• linking up with trusted players in your niche

In other words, try to provide information that you require if you were a visitor to the website. When asking yourself how to find keywords, just remember - content is the king. No compromise should be made when it comes to its quality.

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