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Is it possible to make SEO evaluation by self?

Let’s call up from the very beginning. Do you know when to start doing SEO evaluation? What should be done before you proceed with the website audit? As for me, once a prospective client gives me an e-mail request for cooperation, I’m already feeling well-prepared. Having been in the industry for over five years, I prefer to work on every matter being acutely aware of the subject itself, local market conjuncture, online presence, including social media; naturally, as if I’m dating someone I have never met before. So, dealing with SEO evaluation, I am used to starting with the following action plan for any situation, should it need just a single SEO check, a monthly standing service, or even the most comprehensive quarterly works for general in-depth SEO evaluation.

seo evaluation

First of all, let’s have an example of what my preliminary SEO evaluation survey looks like. Here is the list of core questions to put under consideration with the customer (or ask yourself as well) during the first meeting:

  • Have you ever had any SEO works, either done by self or handled by some expert?
  • How often do you have your website updated?
  • Are you assisted by a single web dev specialist, department, or a full-stack IT agency?
  • What are your global business objectives?
  • What are your fits and starts (like social marketing, PR, etc.)?
  • What is your target market niche?
  • Are there any business partnerships you are currently involved to?

Once I have got this background information, I feel myself ready to provide a formal offer, of course given that I feel it is going to be a good match. First of all, I start with giving a monthly trial period to my every SEO evaluation project. I’ll spend this single month for handling a full-depth SEO audit. Depending on the website, It usually takes me something between 40 and 60 hours to complete all necessary works dividing the process of SEO evaluation into three separate aspects:

  • Technical works for hosting, indexing, and fixing crawl errors;
  • Content review, which covers a keyword research, marketing analysis, content map and meta data research, etc.;
  • Link assessment, necessary for analyzing backlink profiles and evolving their tactics

seo cost

Mainly technical aspects of SEO evaluation are recommended for handling with the following audit tools: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, Semalt Analyzer, DeepCrawl, Copyscape, and of course Screaming From (I find it the most preferable).

And finally, here is a piece of advice for those well-organized and brave enough to try making do-it-yourself SEO evaluation, without having any professional services or, at least partial support or consultation. I believe may become a really challenging task, yet still achievable to succeed on your own. Just start exploring your website performance step by step, and get yourself assisted with some of the above-mentioned tools. All you need to start your website SEO evaluation is a full list of vendors and passwords, including: website backend access, door to Google Analytics, Bing and Google ads, social media accounts, list of vendors, and prospective team members for outsourcing works, plus any other analytical tools you are going to deal with.

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