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How to provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) step by step?

Is it possible, that nearly everything we know about SEO is commonly incorrect, or even entirely wrong? I’m here to remove the most persistent myths and misguided opinions. Let’s try handling a proper SEO doing Search Engine Optimization step by step. First of all, I believe it’s time to start thinking beyond conventional notions of the search engines. For a long time, both terms have been coming together. But what if doing so now already makes no sense?

Yes, when we are speaking about SEO, Search Engine Optimization step by step in particular, most likely we mean the text queries typed into Google the industry giant, followed by less popular search engines like Bing or Yahoo. But the good old days or typed queries has already passed, as today it’s 2017. The thing is that more and more people are now using, for example, voice search, rather than original search with typing. Who knows what is going to happen in the nearest future? What trends we’ll see tomorrow? That’s why here comes a big caution, as our notion of the fundamental search concepts should constantly be evolving.

seo search engine optimization step by step

Below are 3 of the most critical, yet still simple considerations for SEO: Search Engine Optimization step by step guide to help you maintain a steady progress over time.

First and foremost, you must do your best to understand your ideal customer, giving your online visitors exactly what they need. Learn the language ruling over your market niche – make sure your content is equally attractive and useful for both real people and search robots crawling on the Internet. I recommend using tools like Content Optimizer to examine Google search database of keywords. From the other hand, what should be done with the real users discussing your topic? Use social media to listen and respond to the audience. It can give you a lot of different real-life surveys for a great insight. In fact, the best SEO experts are always masters of listening. Becoming a great listener means you know all about your target audience for only flawless and 100%-relevant body content, titles, subject lines, etc. 

The next step is having a brainstorm on how different people across the Internet are requesting what they need most commonly. For instance, think of YouTube. Just ask yourself – would your ideal customer be sure to type a request into nothing but that video service. If not, feel free to leave this idea behind and get out of there. I’m serious here – just have the experiment.

seo steps

And here finally comes the last action to have the right SEO doing Search Engine Optimization step by step. I believe that you must always have a double-check on your website’ best user experience. Together with previous considerations, don’t forget to handle a proper structure for every page. I mean you should have every core element of your website in the right place, in order to become even more than user-friendly. Keep in mind that your website must be clean, clear and secure. Make it mobile-responsive with only high loading speed, and never forget that your ultimate goal is to be appreciated by the search robots, and real-life users too.

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