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How can I check my on-page SEO online?

Online marketing is a highly competitive sphere where a good online presence is a MUST. Online merchants should start their rankings improvement with ensuring that they are implementing all important on-page basics. Over the last decade, on-page SEO techniques have changed drastically. That is why you need to stay up to date and continuously check your on-page SEO online. Search engines are getting smarter daily, and we need to optimize our web source following the new algorithms. Today, we will talk about on-page search engine optimization and learn how to check it online.

check on page SEO

What is on-page SEO and why is it important for website rankings?

On-page SEO is about your site inner structure and content optimization. It helps to earn more quality traffic in search engines and improve website rankings as it shows for both your potential customers and Google bots that your website is quality, user-friendly and authoritative. On-page SEO primarily refers to technical setups such as website HTML code, text and visual content as well as interlinking and inner structure. The major factor of on-page SEO optimization that Google takes into account is relevance. Your website should be maximally relevant to a user’s query. 

So while making your website optimization, you need to check how relevant is your page to your keywords. Make sure you give your potential customers a good experience with your site as it is an essential factor that makes them come back. Moreover, a quality on-page optimization directly influences the time users spend on your site and the number of pages they view. A well-structured website can also increase a probability that your off-page SEO will serve correctly. If you put effort into your on-site optimization, you will soon observe a traffic increase and rankings improvement. However, you need to control your on-page SEO elements and continuously improve them to deal with new Google ranking algorithms.

How to check my on-page SEO online?

I this section will be devoted to the techniques that can help you to check your on-page SEO using Google Analytics. The first thing you should check is the amount of traffic coming to your site daily. You can find your traffic audit in the Audience Section. This traffic overview will show how many users were on your site for the last period. Moreover, you receive an opportunity to check a quality of your traffic and its sources (for instance, social, referral, search). You can check your overall traffic by opening all traffic sources section in Google Analytics.

check on page SEO online

I advise you to pay more attention to organic (search) traffic as it is the primary traffic channel which brings you the new leads. One more significant indicator is a bounce rate. It helps website owners understand the existing problems with their site and improve them in time. If you would like to get the most precise picture of your traffic volume, you can follow “Plot Row” section.

This section provides a pie chart icon with numbers and clear statistical data. If you would like to monitor your analytics at a page level, then go to “Behavior” section - “Site Content” and follow “All Pages.” This section will show you statistical data for each page. To check the traffic which comes from search engines, you need to click the “Secondary dimension” and select “Acquisition”- “Medium.” Here at “Plot Row” section will show you the line graph with total and organic traffic.

If you would conduct an internal site search, then you can click on “Behavior” - “Site Search” - “Overview.” It will show you a list of phrases users have searched for on your site. The obtained information will help you to make a right research on the most relevant keywords that will improve your website rankings. Using Google Analytics, you can also check a load speed and website mobile-friendly.

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