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Why mobile SEO is a leading competitive advantage?

Nowadays, people addicted to their smartphones. They always keep them near and use for many daily needs such as pizza order or airline ticket purchase. It is a smart decision to make your website easily reachable on mobile devices as you receive a possibility to attract more customers than even on desktops. 

Mobile SEO helps to satisfy customer needs in a pleasant way. Google has claimed that during the past years more searches were conducted on mobile devices than on desktops. That is why mobile-friendliness is a significant Google ranking factor. In this article, we will talk about the ways how to implement a responsive design to make a website mobile-friendly and well-ranked.

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Mobile SEO significance

Mobile optimization helps to increase website ranking and get a constant customer flow. SEO helps you to get in the right place and at the right time and improves a customer’s experience with your site. Mobile SEO takes into consideration site structure, responsive design, load speed and other significant criteria ensure a high-quality user’s experience with a mobile version of your site. To reach your potential customers and double your revenue, you need to make your site mobile-friendly. According to the statistical data, mobile users have a higher buyer intend than desktop users. That is why it is essential to conduct your website mobile optimization.

Mobile optimization techniques

Mobile SEO provides almost the same techniques as regular SEO. It is all about developing your website according to search engine rules. A load speed and usability are key aspects which you need to take into consideration while making our website mobile optimization. Ensure that you have a unique and attractive content and flawless UX. You can use Google free tools to check your page speed and mobile-friendliness.

Moreover, you need to pay a special attention to keyword research for mobile devices. Users often use precise queries while searching for something via smartphones. It means that you need a different set of keywords for mobile search. Mobile optimization serves best for local businesses as people often looking for the nearest places to hang out.

While creating a website design, make everything simpler than for a desktop version. For instance, I advise you to avoid pop-ups as they do not translate on smartphones. Moreover, make sure you do not have too big or too small elements on your site as well as too close together elements as it causes some troubles for users to click on such elements.

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Mobile SEO tools

If you would like to know how a mobile version of your site is doing in search results, then use Google Search Console. This tool is free and available for any website owners. There are a lot of guides and tips on the Internet how to use this automated program properly. Google Analytics, by the way, will show you whether you choose correct search terms to target mobile users or you need to make some changes in a set of key phrases. Moreover, you need to use Mobile Usability tool as it shows you what pages of your site which do not follow search engine optimization standards.

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