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How can I select highly-competitive and relevant SEO keywords to improve my rankings?

SEO keywords or phrases that help users as well Google bots find your website among others. A quality optimization enables website owners to connect their potential customers to your site through search terms. To select a right set of keywords you need to know how users form their queries. You will get a constant flow of customers by making it easy for them to find your site.

Moreover, a right search engine optimization keywords will help you to rank above your competitors. That is why a correctly selected and well-optimized set of keywords is a MUST for any winning promotional campaign. Let us discuss how to research relevant SEO keywords to get to the TOP of search engines.

search engine optimization keywords

Why do you need search engine optimization keywords?

Correctly selected search phrases are a core of website success. Search engines collect data about sites based on keywords that are present in titles, descriptions, and content. Right keywords can improve your site ranking and attract new visitors from organic search. Search terms play a foundational role in all other SEO efforts such as content writing strategy and link building. Keyword research is worth your time and efforts as in future it attracts organic visitors and brings you a high conversion rate.

How to research best keywords for SEO?

Keyword research is the process of accurate selection of the search terms that are relevant to the website market niche. Webmasters and SEO specialists use different automated programs to determine which key phrases will serve best for site ranking and help to unleash the website potential. A process of keyword research requires a constant testing and improvement before you get the right outcome.

seo keywords

There are some tips you need to follow while conducting keyword research for your site:

  • Make up a list of relevant topics which primarily related to your market niche. I advise you to put yourself in the place of your potential customers and think over terms they may use to find your page. Do not target highly competitive keywords as you won’t achieve a success targeting by them. The best option is to choose less popular phrases which are most relevant to your content subject. By using them, you receive all changes to get to the TOP positions in SERP.
  • Come up with the final list of keywords you will rank for in the SERPs. To make the final list of search terms, you need to check which keywords are already used by your competitors. To do this research, you may use Google Analytics or Semalt Auto SEO tool. Here you may also check keywords search volume and relevance.
  • Find the related search terms that appear when you insert a selected keyword in Google search box. These words can give you an idea for other key phrases you may use to optimize your site.
  • Make sure you implement long-tailed keywords and head terms. It will give you more chances to foster competitiveness.
  • Benefit from using the Google AdWords Keyword Planner or Semalt Auto SEO to cut a list of obtained keywords. These tools will help you estimate your keywords search volume and traffic they can generate.
  • That's all! You now have a list of relevant keywords that will help you to generate a quality search traffic.

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