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Can I have some handy tips used by every Google SEO agency?

I am devoted to a dynamic and constantly evolving world of Search Engine Optimization. Feeling myself much like a true fanatic of white hat SEO, I believe everything about SEO and the search engines themselves must be handled with more than serious care, supported by hard and persistent efforts. In fact, a substantial Google SEO agency must keep a nearly endless race against the machines. All joking aside, as the industry leaders like Google itself, Bing and Yahoo are constantly having their already sophisticated search mechanisms under recurrent changes and amendments. And any current rules of the game accepted by the search engines (like certain link building recommendations, on-site optimization requirements, or some black hat schemes) can be quickly rejected or updated, nearly in no time.

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Under such unstable circumstances, the experts of every Google SEO agency got nothing to do but spend very much time every day. Doing so, a true professional will always stay informed on every, even the puniest detail of the extremely volatile world of the Web. But let’s finally get back to the point. Not so long ago, I discovered that my existing quality guidelines should be revised, as Google has recently brought them seven brand-new principles and already existing search patterns, while reviewing a couple of basic ones, and rejecting several previously accepted models, having been practiced before by nearly every worthy Google SEO agency.

Here are some applicable quality SEO guidelines I found valid for now:

  • Anchor text. Forget about those rich anchor texts embedded with keywords. Yes, creating them used to be a reasonable strategy, at least as long as they were found on the relevant web pages. Today, however, they are no longer appreciated by the search engines. Moreover, every rich anchor text will now be observed as the violation, leading to a link warning, up to the instant manual penalty.
  • Personal links. Now there is no need for abusing the link juice. Given that you keep building some links for your website, you are now obliged to brand them with “no follow” sign. Doing so, you are telling Google that their only purpose is to generate more traffic, with no possible violations related to boosting your search results artificially. This new guideline covers every link like a guest blog post, any press releases or comments, as well as partnership links generated through business relations.

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  • Irrelevant keywords. It means that overstuffing with too many irrelevant keywords stands now far from any good ranking. Yes, there are no strict rules about the right count of relevant (or vice versa irrelevant) keywords applicable for the search engines. Nevertheless, keep that in mind, as Google is still doing its best to make all the content across the Web as natural for human readers as possible.
  • Hidden text and links. Long ago, this old-school black hat scheme had been used by the lion’s share of website owners. And now it’s still utilized by those who don’t fully realize the matter – hiding the anchor text in font color is so easy to get your pages materially packed with the hundreds of keywords and links, which will not deliver any annoying user experience, as people just fail to notice them. But now this simple scheme isn’t working anymore.

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