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Buy SEO backlinks - could it possibly harm my own website?

Any digital marketing strategy involves increasing online visibility as well as traffic gaining. Standard marketers techniques include content marketing, referrals, and SMM. All these methods will bring traffic to your site as you secure a steady supply of backlinks. Backlinks are important for a website when it comes to a content ranking. 

In January 2017, Google updated its algorithms that focus on consumer satisfaction. A user intent is a key aspect in developing and optimizing website content. Page authority and attendance rate have a direct correlation to the quality and quantity of the backlinks pointing to your site. These aspects determine domain authority.

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Pay attention to the following backlinking aspects in the process of buying links:

  • Link Juice

A link juice is a sum of backlinks coming from another web sources. One of the methods how to get link juice is to involve guest posting. A guest post helps to attract quality traffic from other reputable websites within your niche.

  • Do-follow Link

You can add do-follow links to your blog post and experience an advantage of getting link juice. In some cases, one can have linking root domains. A lot of backlinks come from a single website count as one linked root domain.

  • No-follow Link
A website can link to another source without a no-follow tag. It does not have an impact on your ranking or sales. Some marketers use no-follow links when linking to websites they do not trust. For instance, a blog linking to another blog.

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  • Internal links

Interlinking happens within the same domain. Internal links are those ones which happen within pages on a certain website. Some of them are anchor texts containing hyperlinks to previous posts.

  • Low-Quality links
These links come from black hat SEO techniques. They may come from spam sites, automated link harvesters or even porn websites. These links can make your website SEO go down. In most cases, they cause a penalty from search engines.

Backlinking advantage

According to Google Penguin algorithm, it is important to acquire legitimate backlinks from trustworthy sources. Backlinks can help a website get more traffic and improve rankings. From another side, backlinks help Google bots index your website content as quick as possible. As a result, your web source may start ranking first for certain keywords. And finally, SEO backlinks bring you a referral traffic. Each site gains traffic from another one since they both belong to a similar niche and have a high-quality content.

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