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SEO backlinks - to buy or not?

No need to say that taking a decision to build natural and organic SEO backlinks or buy them instead is only up to you. But let’s face it - getting paid backlinks for your website is not only a delicate but a really dangerous thing. Of course, one can quickly get some paid SEO backlinks and buy them with ease, for example just from the first provider seen on the Web. So, you are thinking to purchase some quality backlinks for your website, right? And acting that way, I believe you’d better be fully aware of what you are going to face. No matter, whether you want to get a quick win dealing with your fellow in SEO smart enough to build a PBN (private blog network). Probably you are going to set up a couple of personal profiles on social media for link building purposes. Or you might as well be still weighing pros and cons to keep only organic SEO backlinks or buy them instead - you’d better trust me anyway, as I have seen it all. I dare say that probably any paid deals to improve website’s SEO are almost always bringing only temporary results unless such ranking progress is earned with a really hard and time-consuming work. In fact, trying to trick with Google means you will inevitably face a penalty so that your current rankings are either pulled down or even destroyed. I mean the extremes when everything ends up and the whole website gets kicked from the search index forever. That’s why if you don’t feel sure what to do with SEO backlinks - buy them or not - here is all you need to know, in brief. So, if you are still thinking about paid backlinks, make sure to consider the following bullet points:

seo backlinks buy


I mean that buying backlinks is against the main webmaster guidelines created by Google itself. It's the first thing you should know, and I believe this reason is already good enough to make you change your mind.

Forbidden Schemes

  • buying (selling) backlinks that successfully passed Pagerank validation;
  • exchanging with links directly, or getting posts with backlinks in exchange for money, other links, and anything else of definitely commercial nature;
  • seemingly natural link exchanges, and any other suspiciously massive or too prompt cross-linking operations;
  • article marketing or guest posting abuse at scale, usually including links embedded with keyword-rich anchors;
  • applying for any automated online tools, programs, or services for link generating purposes.

seo backlinks

Bottom Line

Taken in general, probably every attempt to trick, manipulate or abuse with the major search engines (like Google itself) is a potential violation of the main rules of the game. That’s why doing any stuff mentioned before is strongly undesirable and definitely not recommended, unless you want to suffer from a quick ranking penalty. Of course, some webmasters, site owners, and even SEO experts prove to be willing & ready to gamble with their online projects. But here is a bottom line - paid backlinks cost much money. And after all, buying them for your website or blog can cost you much more than money.

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