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Which are the best techniques to build powerful backlinks for my website?

A proper link building strategy with the right approach to earning powerful backlinks will always provide better gains in web traffic and a measurable position improvement in the list of the SERPs. Before we look through the list of currently most efficient techniques and practices to give some powerful backlinks to your website or blog, let me start with my personal experience. I recommend taking a look at a few methods to avoid when running a proper li building strategy for SEO.

powerful backlinks

After all, there are many good ways to building powerful backlinks. At the same time, there are also many wrong ways that can easily result in a severe ranking penalty by Google, and your website’s recovery is usually a very difficult procedure. Moreover, when it comes to extremes, the process might as well become utterly irreversible on the whole. To prevent such an unfortunate state of affairs, here’s what should be avoided at all cost:

  • buying and selling operations with backlinks;
  • applying for any automated systems of link building;
  • massive exchanges with links;
  • dealing with interlinking networks;
  • creating irrelevant backlinks and making them live;
  • making use of quantity, rather than high-quality links;
  • taking action to link farms or backlink generating web-rings.

Of course, using these schemes might as well give you a prompt yet still short-term ranking boost. Nevertheless, all of them will be inevitably caught and penalized by Google, sooner or later. Remember, low-quality websites and domains aren’t the way to go for any powerful backlinks and long-lasting progress with higher rankings. That’s why considering that Google is always doing its best to find only quality links, I’m going to show you several techniques and practices I found the most reasonable for the moment. By the way, I tested all of them on my own business website. Here is how you can earn powerful backlinks for the best SEO results:

1. Internal Links within a complete backlink profile of the website are often neglected by too many people. Of course, the internal links are actually coming from one page to another - just within a single website. Note, however, that when done right and embedded with a good long-tail keyword, your internal links can provide the following benefits:

  • better page authority of the entire website;
  • equal distribution of link juice;
  • lower bounce rate within the website on the whole;
  • improved traffic and exposure of your old page content;
  • strategic interlinking can contribute to higher keyword rankings.

powerful seo backlinks

2. Local business citations are the ideal opportunities for getting powerful backlinks to your main business website. Make sure to improve your local search positions and strengthen your website’s authority at the same time. All you need here is to keep the same NAP properties throughout for your citation links on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

3. Reshaping your plain page content into something more compelling, such as infographics, is also a great technique to build more powerful backlinks to your website or blog. Moreover, it would be a really creative and cool scheme to improve your public outreach at the same time. Before you start earning high-quality backlinks, make sure your infographics are as clear, simple and relevant to your audience as possible. Also, try to maintain a quick loading speed with their average size coming up to 2000 pixels. Stick to no more than three colors and the maximum of 2 fonts. And don’t forget to create a thrilling story that would maintain user’s curiosity to the end. Once your best infographics are done, just submit them to the latest dedicated websites - use specific commands in Google, such as “submit infographic,” “inurl/intitle: submit infographic,” “allintext:submit infographic,” etc.

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