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How do I get high PR GOV backlinks?

Receiving high Pagerank dot GOV backlinks can elevate your website’s rankings significantly. Note, however, that getting them is a definitely challenging and time-consuming task. And, of course, some people still argue that Google doesn’t actually treat those dot EDU or dot GOV backlinks any differently. Nevertheless, the lion’s share or real pros in SEO think otherwise. Why? Okay, let’s imagine that Google doesn’t recognize them any better than the other well-known domains (e.g., dot COM, dot NET, or dot ORG). Anyway, a high authority factor of GOV backlinks must give them an additional weight and power, mainly from the viewpoint of the Search Engine Optimization.

gov backlinks

So, disregarding that there hasn’t been any official definition given by Google yet, the top importance of dot GOV backlinks should never be neglected. In fact, they are recognized by most of the SEO pros as a holy grail of powerful link building, since they are commonly coming from the most trusted and only well-established websites.

Real SEO Value

So, what about the actual SEO value of dot GOV backlinks? Well, there are no superpowers with them. But this probably strange suggestion is still true to a certain extent. And of course, any website or blog can get by without including those backlinks to their profile, and still rank pretty well on Google. I mean that if you are lucky enough to earn some extra dot GOV backlinks, your website or blog will have a definitely worthy advantage for staying out of the competition, thanks to your stronger authority. So, considering their value for SEO here comes a dilemma - it’s very hard to get linked with domain extensions and online sources owned by the governments themselves or any related official foundations. The thing is that they will never link to anyone just for no reason, or without any justified cause.

Getting Started

As I already said, earning governmental backlinks is a labor-intensive and time-consuming task. But it’s still a worthy thing, as it always pays off pretty well - certainly better than any other backlinks, even from the best Pagerank websites or top authority domains. So, before getting started, make sure you have got everything in place. I mean your existing website or blog page content should be purely informative, relevant to the main subject and be delivering a great value to real people. Moreover, your web pages should be well-done regarding on-site SEO to be perfectly appealing for those political foundations and their official sites.

First and foremost, make sure that the current backlink profile of your website is already bearing some high PR, PA, and DA links. That way, you will be more favorable to get those much more precious ones. Doing so, don’t forget that becoming an industry influencer is always good for you - even apart from our task - to leverage your firm authority and professional competency needed for attracting dot GOV backlinks, possibly from the most authoritative and trustworthy sources on the Web.

gov backlink linkbuilding

Looking for the Right Sites

Once you assured that everything with your website or blog is in place, it’s time to find the right governmental websites to link with. The thing is that there are much more such domain extensions, rather than the actual count of the relative foundations and official organizations. It means that far not all online sources with dot GOV domains got anything to do with the real governments. So, looking for the right sites, you will need to have a double-check on their legitimacy. How can we find the real agencies and the rest of top relevant sources? I recommend searching with “” advanced modifiers so that you will be able to set a more precise focus.

Commenting on Top Related Blogs / Websites

Yes, leaving a comment on government blogs and websites is one of the best ways to earn those precious dot GOV backlinks. Of course, unlike commenting elsewhere to gain backlinks in return, that would be a much more challenging task. But it’s still the most use-proven method to complete the task, so I recommend trying it before anything else.

So, the thing is that the lion’s share of government websites or blogs has no room for a direct commenting. Should they have this option anyway, their comment options are most likely to come with NoFollow. It means you will have to pay some time and effort for getting the right site or blog pages that aren’t NoFollow. In spite of the fact that your actual chances of getting a high PR dot GOV backlinks may be quite slim, leaving a comment is worth a shot. Just make sure your commenting is relevant and valuable enough and comes without spamming.

For better chances to find the places that allow DoFollow comments, I recommend using “ inurl:blog.” In addition, apart from just trying to get dot GOV backlinks from comments, you can also use some other features. Not, however, that you will need a really great and compelling content. So, let’s have a brief overview below.

seo backlinks

Try writing about one of the following:

  • Government Agency - write a quality article, market it well and only then notify the agency. To illustrate that, let's imagine you are running a company that deals with renewable energy, or for example, you are an energy efficient home contractor. That way, all you need here is to create a related blog post discussion or a full article dedicated to the Office of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. Pro tip: targeting a global audience is a great way to get in touch with the foreign government agencies.
  • Politician - much like the previous method of writing an article about the government agency, you are free to make an overview or write about a famous politician or a person dealing with any related legal affairs that impact your business. Don't skimp your time and effort on writing about the prospects of some recently suggested laws, for example, which is relevant to your main business subject or top related spheres of commercial operating. Just create a great compelling article and link it to that proposing politician or the person responsible for that. Then, notify the interested authorities about your new publication.
  • Agency Interview - choose a relevant topic and interview an established member of a local agency. Most commonly, you will be agreed to have the interview, of course given that you have got the right topic discussion. That way, you will be able to make a publication on your website or blog with a link, which points to that government agency. Note, that in some cases either the interviewed person itself or the government agencies might as well share the interview on their own. Should it happen so, you will be more likely to enjoy some extra dot GOV backlinks, besides your initial one.
  • Form a New Contact - trying to land an extra contact or setting a new government partnership can also become an equally great way to get more dot GOV backlinks with the highest Pagerank possible. Of course, it’s not always manageable - because everything here will strongly depend on your main website's or blog's niche. Nevertheless, sometimes it would become a pretty reasonable opportunity for landing an extra government contact. Under any circumstances, developing a press release with a backlink to the agency is still worth a shot. That way, keep in mind that creating a partnership with a government agency is also a very benefitting thing. Ideally, this can lead to their official pages be often linking to your main business website or a supportive blog.
  • Participate in Outreach - you might as well work on creating a resource page with more opportunities, or try getting listed in some resource pages for local business. You can establish yourself, for example making charity donations to be listed on a dedicated resource with a valuable link pointing to your own website or blog.
  • Flattery - flattering a government website is almost always earning those precious backlinks. Just learn more about the most severe pain points of a government agency and simply make a post to telling exactly what they would like to hear. Of course, it can’t be a guaranteed way to earn some extra dot GOV backlinks, but if you feel the right way of course - this scheme works perfectly well.

backlinks for seo

Final Check-up

After all, you will need to make sure your new dot GOV backlinks aren’t harmful. I mean that it would be suspicious for Google when your website’s or blog’s link profile suddenly gets improved with too many government links. So, I recommend having a double-check on every newly received backlink using any free online tools for link building and research. Among the others, I found Open Site Explorer, Semalt Analyzer, and Screaming Frog as more useful for running a complete analysis of my blog’s backlink profile. Keep working persistently, and good luck!

Yanira Mumphrey

Hi, Well actually the most of gov or edu backlinks are nofollow so it is hard to find one that is dofollow.. Can be some blogs that have dofollow but they are hard to find. Esa

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