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Should I buy DoFollow backlinks, or can I build them on my own?

O course, you can buy DoFollow backlinks for your blog. At the same time, you might as well build them on your own. I mean you’d better work on getting them organically for your website or blog, rather than just buy DoFollow backlinks. In fact, without having a set of quality backlinks, it would be more than a very challenging task to rank your blog post or probably any shred of your website’s page content in the search engines. No need to say that if you are new to SEO, you will need to buy DoFollow backlinks or keep struggling in link building. To win that struggle, I suggest checking out for some untrapped web sources to give your main business website or blog some organic quality DoFollow backlinks to get started.

buy dofollow backlinks

Most commonly, quality backlinks with DoFollow can help you with elevating your website’s search ranking positions, improving your domain authority and Alexa rank (for those who’s interested in this peculiar property), boosting web search traffic, as well as AdSense CPC (cost per click). Just for the sake of completeness, here are some other words sometimes used to give a definition to backlinks - incoming link (inlink), citation, a would-be “recommendation” or a strong ranking signal given to Google about a high value of the website on the whole, thus making it worth being promoted on the top of the search results. Just because those websites with many backlinks are more likely to be delivering more value to the active live searchers, as well as must be more welcoming for prompt indexing by the search crawling bots.

So, let’s finally get back to the point - as we decided not to buy DoFollow backlinks and just cook some awesome high-quality ones by ourselves. How? Of course, getting organic DoFollow backlinks is not an easy task at all, but in fact, the task may easily become a piece of cake for you - given that you know the ropes. That’s why below I’m going to show you some tricks to get high-quality DoFollow backlinks without paying a cent for that! Here they are:

  • Before anything else, I recommend visiting BlogAdda - all you need there is registering your new personal account and navigate to “my account” section. Next, pick the option “submit my blog” and fill in all the necessary details. After all, click “submit” button and enjoy a newly created DoFollow backlink. That’s it!
  • The second best place I’m going to reveal to you is Codecademy. Go to their site and put your new account upon registry there. Once it is done, just go to your personal profile and embed it with your main website or blog link. That’s it - you are going to have a nice backlink from PR-7 with DoFollow.
  • Next comes a backlink from Granta. Just like I already said, go have a new account on their website, pass the fill-in procedure and enjoy another PR-7 DoFollow backlink

dofollow seo backlinks

After all, you might as well follow nearly the similar set of actions to get a quality DoFollow backlink from one of the following websites. Feel free to explore some good new places to get linked with, such as OneTab, Copyrighted, Alltop, Indulgy, Eventful, Ted. That way, don’t forget to visit your personal account on Google Plus, as well as submit your post to directories for gaining another valuable backlink with DoFollow.

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