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Can you tell me how backlinks work to boost my web traffic?

Nowadays, too many novice webmasters and online business owners are often focusing more on on-page Search Engine Optimization (for example, keywords, website architecture, etc.). And too often they are paying not enough attention to how backlinks work for their website’s overall performance. Doing so, they just overlook the importance of backlinks - as most of the industry experts believe that quality backlinks are usually taking about 80% of total website’s value from the viewpoint of the major search engine algorithm by Google. So, describing how backlinks work for your website, we can simply admit that cultivating them from the other web sources pointing to your website directly improves online visibility for search. That’s why when it comes to link building, it’s often seen as too huge opportunity just to pass it up.

how backlinks work

Nevertheless, some people are still keeping themselves away from building backlinks actively. Should it happen to you as well, here are some basics how backlinks work to boost your web traffic. Putting it in plain English, a backlink is a link that connects two different web pages. Of course, you can have internal links connecting different web pages within your own website (for better navigation, and indexing purposes). After all, why should we all care so much about quality backlinks? Because from the viewpoint of the major search engines (like Google itself, as well as Bing and Yahoo), backlinks show website’s value and usefulness for people. That’s why having a fine backlink profile will serve as a strong ranking signal for the search engines to get your website “recommended” to a broader audience, considering that it must be valuable and useful for people. And remember - there are several basic backlink characteristics that determine their quality. For example, a backlink coming from a resource fully relevant to your main website’s industry will have more weight. That way, the ones from the third party websites with high PR (page rank), DA (domain authority), and PA (page authority) are going to be more valuable as well.

seo backlinks

So, what are the best ways to get quality backlinks pointing to your website for higher ranking position in the list of search? Of course, having engaging page content commonly means that you’ve already got some links pointing back to your website or blog. Nevertheless, in fact, that would be never enough to rank well considering a very sharp level of search competition. I mean you’d better act proactively and build more quality backlinks by self. Here is how:

  • spy on your competitor’s backlink profile using online research tools like Majestic SEO, Semalt Analyzer, or Open Site Explorer to replicate the best ones to your own website.
  • try guest posting - don’t hesitate to invest some time in writing content for other third-party websites to get a backlink to your own website in return.
  • keep your eye on everything newsworthy to make a press release for sharing and boosting your backlink count.
  • become active on social media to improve your main website’s authority, show your professional expertise, and pick up some backlinks at the same time.
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