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How do I create Do Follow backlinks for my website?

It comes without saying that without a well-formed backlink profile, it’s almost impossible for the website to rank well in Google, or at least be found among the top ten search results. To prevent abuse, manipulation, or any possible tricks with its ranking algorithm, the world’s search giant has been evolving it over many years. That way, Google is going to reward now only natural, purely relevant and highly authoritative backlinks. And below I’m going to show you some of the smartest ways to create Do Follow backlinks for your website. But before anything else, let me start with a couple of simple definitions.

follow backlinks

No need to say that links are pulling all the dots of the Internet together - everybody knows that. But not all of them are bearing the equal weight. In fact, there are two different types of links - Non Follow and Do Follow backlinks. Putting it in plain English, links with Non Follow are almost null and void from the viewpoint of the major search engines. They are designed to bring referral traffic solely. On the other hand, however, Do Follow backlinks are using special directories, articles, and landing pages to transfer authority of one website to another.

Apparently, Do Follow backlinks are much harder to get, and most commonly they are ideally they should be inserted by a skilled webmaster. And here we are finally coming to the point - below are several smart ways (either free or sometimes not) to create high-quality Do Follow backlinks for your website’s higher rankings in Google:

  • Google Plus is a default social platform that can become a surprisingly powerful tool when used right. All you need there is either to have your own personal profile or sign up for a new account. Next, go to “about” section and edit its text content, as well as the primary link given to your website initially. Feel free to add as many Do Follow backlinks as you need, but don’t overdo with that. Otherwise, your attempt might as well be recognized by Google as spam or manipulation.
  • Onemission is a good old website that has helped me with Do Follow backlinks for the most recent years. Just register to get a special editor roll, and feel free to access the whole website and choose the category you need.
  • Dmoz is also a very old site, which mainly deals with blog submissions for link-generation purposes. All you need on Dmoz is to select the right category relevant to the main subject of your website or blog. Among its unique features, I recommend using this source to find the best backlinks created by your close rivals to make an own use of them.

dofollow backlinks

  • Storify is a great place to get some extra Do Follow backlinks - just from commenting. Simply create a new account and proceed with “hot comment” section. That way, you will be able to enjoy a maximum of two high-quality backlinks per one account.
  • After all, you can pay a visit on and pick as many backlinks to boost your ranking as you want. Moreover, that won’t cost you a dollar - the service is free. Doing so, note it once again - don’t overdo with your backlink count and their too speedy creation. Otherwise, you will raise a red flag calling Google for an inevitable ranking penalty.

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