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Semalt remove how to: how to stop hits from semalt bot

You are worrying about nothing. There is nothing suspicious about bots crawling your website. Pay attention – bots of various resources including Semalt must be displayed in your statistics. You wouldn’t mind your blog being indexed by search systems unless webpages are hidden from indexing.In any case we believe that every webmaster aims at improving website traffic. For this end it is necessary for the website to get into a search engine index. This is the major reason we do not recommend hiding webpages from bots.As for Semalt, it is a perfect detector of qualitative websites. Semalt indexes only qualitative webpages determined as competitors to our customers. If a website makes a list of competitors for a project, it means that its internal optimization is done properly. Now it is time external optimization was addressed, and soon your blog will be able to earn leading positions on Google.
Now I see why your bots scanned my website. But why so often? If I got into your competitor list, it should suffice to scan my webpages once.
In addition to providing our customers with lists of competitive websites, we help them to track updates. For example, a title changes or new links appear on the website. All these changes are displayed in analytics reports. This information is not confidential, it is available to all visitors of your website. All we do is consolidate these data into one report. SEOs require such monitoring as means of efficient website promotion. It doesn’t affect page rank of your website in any way. Moreover, the competitors option is a good incentive for all participants of the rating to pay more attention to internal and external optimization. This competition for Google positions helps webmasters to promote their websites.
Im also constantly seeing hits from Semalt in my statistics. Thanks for the hint, I ll look at this crawler.
Now I see why my website got hits from all the time. It is a curious feature indeed, I haven’t dealt with anything alike before.
I signed up for, but I can’t find competitors. How to activate this function?

In order to get access to all functions of including the competitors analyzer, it is necessary to purchase one of our service plans: Analytics Only, Full SEO, or AutoSEO. Find out more about charge rates on the page of Pricing.

If I subscribe for your service, will semalt bot monitor websites of my competitors? Will they be aware of it?
Website owners can see bot visits in their statistics reports. This error is typical of some analytics services like Google Analytics. Professional monitoring services do not factor bot visits neither into search nor in referral traffic. Even if your competitors will see their website being scanned by bots, domain will be displayed in their reports. They will hardly relate it to your website. You are skeptical for no reason. Bots should regularly check updates on your website so that it earned its place on Google search engine. Similarly, Semalt bots scan webpages for updates if any.
It is true, but your bots do distort my statistics. They increase bounce rate. I don’t like this tactics at all – I am trying to rank on the first search page.
You are wrong at this point, bounce rate has nothing to do with technical robots. This indicator is formed by real people exceptionally who go to your website and view no more than one page without performing any activities. Just think, a bot can’t click a button or fill out a form on your website. Bots scanning webpages do not affect bounce rate. High bounce rate can be explained by a number of internal factors: low usability level of a website, invalid links, insufficient quantity or poor quality of content. Rather work over optimization of webpages instead of blaming bots.
I’ll try to remove my website from the list and will look at the result. Semalt crawler really works?
Yep. Just make sure to add all subdomains. For some reason they see it as independent websites.
Because to our system just like to Google and are two different web addresses, make sure to indicate all subdomains.
Even if the primary domain is specified in my sitemap?
The sitemap is scanned by bots, but Semalt Crawler Removal Tool doesn’t have an access to this file. That’s why it is necessary to specify all subdomains. Pay attention – it is required to enter a web address with http:/ attribute, the system perceives domains only in this format.
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