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Semalt SEO review. How to appear on Google TOP for $0.99

Thank you for such a detailed review! We are happy to hear that we helped you with website promotion. Initially Semalt was developed as a professional system of web analytics, but we expanded the range of our services. Note that every user can monitor their website statistics for free for an infinite period of time, though ranking history won’t be saved.

Find out more about Semalt on the page of Help where all stages of work with our service are described.

Pay attention that Semalt SEO is more than external optimization. In addition to AutoSEO we can offer comprehensive website promotion – Full SEO.

I am lost in SEO terms. What is internal optimization?

You see, search systems like Google put forward certain demands on websites. Primary focus is on usability and content.

Let’s assume you have a website that wasn’t initially optimized according to requirements of search systems. It is probably not user-friendly. There are a lot of reasons why websites can’t appear on TOP Google like:

  • unreadable URL
  • poor navigation
  • invalid links
  • irrelevant/non-unique content
  • low page load speed

These and other reasons can prevent the website from earning leading ranks as well as have it fall under Google filter. SEO audit will detect trouble spots and fix them with available means of optimization.

Our SEOs have strong expertise and can determine what needs to be changed and how to promote the website.

The SEO package involves such promotion methods:

  • link building
  • optimization of website structure
  • keyword suggestion
  • work over content
  • configuration of redirect
  • analysis of goals and website audience
  • formation of customer loyalty

This is what internal optimization is about. External optimization involves working with behavior factors, placing links on external resources, creating pages and groups on social networks, guest blogging, and other methods that don’t deal directly with the website.

You are familiarized with our AutoSEO, this is external optimization. Semalt places links to your webpages that need to be promoted. But this method has its rules, too. If you don’t observe them, you’ll rest on secondary pages of Google search engine results.

What are rules here? You mean I cannot leave links on forums? It is not a violation, correct???
What are you speaking of? Even Times buy links! The thing is that some can break rules, their authority is time honored. While new websites would be blocked by Google in a flash! No two ways about it, they’ll be banned.
It could be argued. You are correct stating that one cannot place links randomly on any old website. Moreover, it shouldn’t be done on so called link farms, they won’t pass any weight to your webpages. Instead, they will do an ill office to you, and you’ll go through a hassle resuming positions. That’s why Semalt adheres to optimal proportions placing anchor, anchorless, and branded links. What’s more, we use unique content that corresponds to the subject of a customer’s website to the uttermost.
Well, I don’t want to go into the root of SEO technologies. My only concern is whether it works or not. Besides, your manager mentioned competitors. As if I were able to find my competitros in an automatic mode and to see how they promote their websites. How can I do it?
Your AutoSEO service plan covers Semalt Web Analytics service. Go to the section of Dashboard, and you will see Competitors on the navigation bar.
I am not a professional. Explain me how SEO will help me to get more revenue from my business? Is it a sort of advertising?
No, SEO is not an advertisement. It is promotion of your brand on the web. Put simply, a user will be browsing the Internet for goods, and Google will show your online store on the first page of results. Few users go to the next page, that’s why everyone is trying hard to appear on the top. There is a plenty of methods. I guess Semalt guys will provide more details, Im not an expert in the end. What I know for sure is that SEO works. And it is cheaper than advertising.
Thanks, I’ll google for it. Im really curious about saving on advertising.
what are all these comments premeditated get real

Creating so many fake comments and complex reviews under so many fake accounts would be ridiculous and paranoid, not to mention senseless, wouldn’t it? We are confident in what we are and what we do, therefore we have nothing to hide and nothing to be ashamed of. We don’t need to forge opinions, when we have opinions of our clients and users. And, because we respect our clients, we aim to be 100% honest with them. Therefore, we assure you, we are absolutely real.

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