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How to block semalt referral spam?

Block them in .htaccess file:# Block referrer (the code to block semalt)

Dear Tori

We would like to clarify what referral spam is. According to Wikipedia it’s a kind of spamming aimed at search engines. Dishonest companies use fake referrer URL to provide backlinks to their websites. Such links get indexed by search systems and pass weight like quality referrals. But in this case we would deal with spam in fact.

Speaking of Semalt, our technologies have nothing to do with ‘black hat’ SEO. Semalt crawler is a technical robot that scans websites and collects data for analyzing competition among our customers.

Semalt crawler being displayed in referrals statistics in Google Analytic is a common failure of an analysis system. Such mistakes are typical not only of Google Analytic but other counters that use Google data. Webmasters learnt about it back in 2012 on CrazyEgg blog. You may either ignore the error or monitor traffic with other tools, and receive 100% reliable figures. For example, Semalt collects and analyzes data, performs website audit, analysis of competitors, etc.

If a Semalt robot was involved with spreading referral spam, we wouldn’t have to expand the range of our services. On the contrary, we are constantly implementing new functions in order to satisfy our customers’ needs maximally. Besides, Semalt provides SEO services. You can see it for yourself that we employ only ‘white hat’ SEO methods. We do not need to resort to such unfair methods like referral spam. We value our reputation, and customers are our major priority. Shifty tactics compromises a customer’s website; we can accept it under no circumstances. 

In order to let webmasters feel safe about referral spam, we decided to provide them with an option of removing their websites from the ‘competitive race’. Use Semalt Crawler Removal Tool to stop bots scanning your website once and for all. It is fast and easy. A few clicks, 30 minutes for the system to get updated, and our bots won’t be present in your reports anymore.

By the way, you can use the function of monitoring with Semalt for free. Of course, free access doesn’t support all functions available with a paid account. You can acquire one of our service packages anytime and carry on work over your website in a professional manner.

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