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Semalt Brazil server in the statistical reports

Each webmaster should pay attention to the geolocation value when tracking website traffic. It is especially important for the business focused on a certain location or area. You don’t want to offer surfboards to Londoners, do you? It means this website will be mostly visited by people living in a specific region.

Monitoring of visitors geolocation helps to perform the essential tasks for quality search engine promotion:

  • defining target audience
  • selection of local resources for placing ads
  • developing marketing campaigns
How can I determine the country that brings traffic to my website?

You can use special analytics tools to learn people from what country visit your web resource more often. If you are not going to gain profit from your website you can safely use free web analytics services. You need more tools and highly accurate statistics for professional data monitoring and analysis.

Lately you may have read a lot of articles about Google Analytics faulty operation. The problem is that the users noticed unnatural activity from Brazil on their websites. The visits were shown as Semalt Brazil server in the statistical reports. It arose so many questions and the Semalt team provided the answer.

The website owners took alarm because of huge traffic coming from Semalt Brazil server. It is directly connected to the company activity. offers web analytics services that imply scanning the web in order to harvest data. They use technical robots (bots) that are visiting various resources. Bots are scanning webpages if the system identified them as competitors for one of Semalt projects. And the users shouldn’t be bothered with these visits, since they harvest only public information.

But here is another thing: some web analytics services show bots as unique users. You can see these visits in the referrals section of your report. Free analytics services are often responsible for this error, since nobody guarantees accuracy of the obtained data.

Why do I observe the increased amount of traffic coming from Brazil on my website?

You know that datacenter where the corporate service is located does not always have the same location as its office. It’s not something supernatural, because everyone is searching for the best technical features at optimal expenditures. Semalt has its servers all around the globe, since the service works with clients from different countries. These bots were probably sent from the server located in Brazil, and the analytics service interpreted them us unique visitors. Anyway, this cannot affect webpages ranking, bounce rate and conversion.

The boom was probably caused by the recent scandal with spam coming from Brazil. In the end they blocked 25 ports to stop the spam streams. Now web masters are very attentive to such abnormal traffic boosts from this country.

Traffic source: monitoring defines quality

You should pay attention to the traffic sources to evaluate its quality. Certainly, if robots are scanning a website, such traffic cannot be considered referral. We recommend working with professional web analytics tools not to make similar mistakes in future. Semalt can be an excellent example. Working with Semalt you get quality monitoring of website traffic and its positions for specific keywords. We take into account the traffic volume and the geographic factors.

So, as you can see, there can’t be any trifles when we speak about website statistics monitoring. Use professional tools to analyze the results of your work.

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