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Referrals from Semalt

Google Analytics monitors referral traffic using its own algorithms. Bots can be also displayed in the referral traffic reports. It is unwanted to block bots, since Google won’t be able to index pages. As a result, the website won’t be able to get good search positions. A webmaster must be concerned in providing bots the ability to scan website pages. You can solve the problem with your referral traffic distortion by changing the display mode in Google Analytics reports.

Semalt in Google Analytics referral reports: how to remove bots from statistics reports

What types of traffic is important for website promotion:

  • search
  • direct
  • referral
  • social
  • commercial

Though social traffic does not belong to referrals, they started to single it out lately. Visits from other websites and robots are also considered a part of referral traffic. It is recommended to install Google Analytics filters to get maximal accurate statistical reports.

For example, if you see Semalt in Google Analytics as a unique user, you should change the report settings. Open the tab Administrator – All filters. Create a new filter. You need to type the domain and the system will automatically define the subdomains. Filter type: exclude. Bots will not stop scanning your website but they will not be displayed in your analytics reports anymore.

But why do I see referrals from Semalt in my statistics? What happens to my positions if robots are often visiting my site?
Your website is likely to be identified as a competitor for one of Semalt projects. It doesn’t affect your website positions. The Semalt system can scan and evaluate websites for the selected criteria: keywords, optimization level, page rank etc.
What if I have a website on WordPress? I track my statistics using the WordPress counter. Is there any way to remove my website from your rates?

Sure, there are other methods.

You can easily exclude your website from the Semalt competitors lists. All you need is to go to Semalt Crawler page, type your website URL and subdomains to the special field and click Remove.

I heard there is a plug-in for WordPress. Does it work? Where can I download it?
Yes, it does work. I installed one and I don’t have any problems. I don’t remember the source. Check on the WordPress forum.
Thank you. I have removed my website using semalt crawler. Tomorrow I will check the statistics to see the changes.
Then why I regularly see referrals from Semalt in GA? E.g. Google bots do not appear in statistics. What is the difference?
It depends on the monitoring system you use. Sure, if you analyze your website traffic in Google Analytics, their search bots won’t be displayed in your statistics. Their algorithms do not react on search bots. At the same time GA shows robots of other services in referral statistics. If you track these bots, you will see that there are no links to your website on You can observe the same situation with other competitors of GA. Semalt also does not show own bots in statistics. But our service is adjusted to count only unique visitors. It means that any tech bots cannot be displayed in statistics and do not affect the positions. You can see the real page rank and objectively evaluate your website. has developed its own statistics tracking algorithm. It is essential for us to get accurate data, since we are busy with both web analytics and SEO.
Can bots harm my bounce rate? I don’t want to get lower positions, I just reached the first Google page.
No, they cannot. The bounce rate is based on unique visitors. If the users do not want to stay on your website longer than 10 seconds and do not perform any activity, the bounce rate can increase. But that’s not crucial for blogs and informational pages.
I run an online store. The bounce rate value is essential for me, since I need to estimate my possible profit.
If you want to attract more customers to your site, I offer you Semalt SEO services. We help you increase your online shop visibility by 60%.
Thanks) I have food for thought.
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