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How long will it take to see the first results from search engine ranking services?

How long does it take to rank high on Google? It is a rather controversial subject among website owners and SEO experts. There is no clear answer on it as everything depends on domain age, market niche and money you invest in your promotional campaign. According to the statistical data, the average time of website promotion through SEO is about six to nine weeks. However, in highly competitive spheres, it may take more than one year before your site will get to the TOP position. Let us discuss what factors and search engine ranking services can influence on time we need to spend to improve our website ranking.

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Factors affecting Google search algorithms

Google does not open all secrets of website ranking algorithms. However, it is known that there are at least 255 factors that can influence site ranking process. There is no clear rule how to get to the TOP of a Google search. However, some factors play a fundamental role in the ranking process.

  • Domain age

If your domain exists less than six months, it is considered as a new domain. Google can’t evaluate a quality of your resource for a short period and consequently takes it as not reliable. It means that your site can rank higher after six months if you won’t stop to promote it.

  • Keywords competitiveness

Time you need to spend on website optimization also depends on a competition for the keywords you select. If you would like to rank in a highly competitive market niche, then you have fewer chances to get to Google TOP. That is why, I advise you to select less competitive key phrases at first, especially if your site is new.

  • Domain cleanness

Domain cleanness is a significant Google ranking factor that can improve your website visibility on SERP or ruin your reputation for a long time. Google uses a lot of filters to check what search engine ranking services you implement to raise click-through rate. Google continuously updates its algorithms to understand who cheat a search system. So, if you have a clean domain that has never been penalized, you receive all chances to become on the first SERP page.

  • Content quality

Content quality is another factor that influences on time needed to rank in Google. Search engines highly evaluate a quality and unique content that can give a full response to user’s query. It should be an up to date information with keywords, titles and bullets as Google search bots crawl a well-structured content better than long unstructured texts. Moreover, while ranking websites, Google identifies content originality, publications frequency and overall quality of the given information.

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So as far as you understood Google needs some time to figure out whether your web source measures up to the most demanding requirements or not. If you are just developing a new site, you need to wait for several months until you see the first responses from Google. Later you can start getting more visible results and a constant traffic flow in a light of the fact you will continue implementing search engine ranking services.

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