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What are the biggest advantages of using PPC advertising (Google Adwords)?

Google Pay-Per-Click advertising or Google AdWords is an online marketing service that enables website owners to display their ads to potential customers. It is widely used for both country and local businesses as it brings quick and noticeable results. Online merchants are charged when a user clicks on their ad. While this click may not mean a purchase, it still helps to improve website awareness and raise click-through rate. So Google Adwords accepts as the most resultative form of PPC advertising as it gives an opportunity to control your advertising expenses and lets you improve your website rankings in Google. Let us discuss how PPC vs AdWords works and what are the benefits of it.

ppc vs adwords

Google AdWords work principle

According to Google Adwords advertising policy, you need to pay for each user’s click on your advertisement and follow your website link. To appear higher than other sites, you can not just pay more. You should take part in the unique automated process which is called Google Ad Auction. The primary purpose of this auction is to determine your advertisement relevance. It means that your position on Google SERP depends on a bid you propose for a click. Business leaders in highly competitive market niches are ready to pay more than 100 dollars per click as they know their investments will pay off in spades.

Benefits of using PPC

There are numerous benefits of using PPC vs Google AdWords. First of all, it offers a quick entry and available for any online merchants. It has a positive impact on different niche websites as it improves brand recognition and attracts a lot of new visitors. It means that despite the set of business goals, pay-per-click advertising campaigns can be adjusted effectively.


Moreover, you can easily track and measure the results of your advertising campaign. Google provides businesses with full access to analytical data, connecting Analytics and Adwords tools. So, you can measure your ad campaign performance and its impact on your traffic. One more advantage of PPC is a full control under advertising campaign settings. You can select relevant keywords and placements to target your potential customers. Moreover, you can control your spending by setting your budget and bits. As soon as you observe positive results, you can raise your bid.

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