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What to look for when hiring an expert in SEO?

Any online business owner would like to see his website on the first Google page. However, in conditions of high competitiveness, it becomes rather complicated to get to the TOP Google positions. You should be not only better than your market niche competitors but also far-sighted and experienced in an SEO sphere. If you just start your business development process, you need to enlist a reliable SEO expert or agency. They will help you to optimize your site and improve its ranking. As search engine optimization is a cost-effective campaign, you need to invest money in it. Unfortunately, while looking for an expert in SEO, you may face inexperienced and unreliable specialists. To avoid any problems with your future SEO consultant, I advise you to use our checklist.

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What questions should I ask an SEO expert?

  • List of clients

A reliable SEO agency would never hide a list of customers. On the contrary, the successfully optimized websites should be open to the public as it is a perfect marketing strategy. So, if some search engine optimization company can’t provide you with a list of their previous and current projects, it is a sign of fraudulent activities. However, if you get a list of clients, you need to contact with some of them to determine how good this agency is.

  • Methods of website optimization and promotion

Stay away from companies which do not provide you with full information about their promotional plans. Everything should be quite bluntly and understandable even for a non-professional person. As there are a lot of black-hat SEO methods that can cause search engine penalties and other fallouts, you need to be aware of all techniques SEO experts use to increase your website rankings in search engines.

  • Guarantees

One of the most general questions asked by website owners is “ Can you guarantee me the first position on SERP?”. The answer to this question should be precise and clear - “ Of course, no. Nobody can guarantee you this.” If you receive another answer, make sure you face fraudsters, and everything they want is get your money out.

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  • Results tracking

Search engine optimization is a time-consuming process that can’t give you a momentarily result. However, you may track a success of your optimization campaign and improve some metrics and rates in a process. Make sure your SEO expert use Google Analytics or another professional analytical service such as Semalt Web Analyzer to check a website metrics and share with you this acquired information.

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