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How to drive my search engine optimization results with CTR?

Let’s observe the organic search engine optimization results. This topic is found among the ones of primary importance for paid search testing. In fact, the leading PPC marketers are focusing on the type of creative they are using, the most specific terms to be displayed as highlighted or bolded, as well as placing effective CTA buttons. At the same time, the SEO marketers are dealing more with technical on-page aspects, like keyword research and keyword application for the web pages, as well as social media and backlinking development. Now it’s well known that Search Engine Optimization is a comprehensive subject, with a lot of stuff to do. That’s why it is entirely understandable that being displayed in the top of the search engine optimization results is left behind the rest of online marketing strategies and tactics. But the topic of CTR is still much more important that most of us realize.

search engine optimization results

First of all, gaining more clicks in organic search is cared about due to their importance for the search engine optimization results on the whole, and with reference to Google’s search algorithms. While there was no official confirmation of this, I still believe that Google itself, as well as most of the similar search engines, are using CTR data for a fair ranking factor in organic search results. In line with having CTR data included to their behavior algorithms, I think that Google, as well as Bing,  are gathering seemingly similar kinds of data points making use of the metrics like bounce rate and some other metrics entirely comparable with CTR. Considering the above arguments, I think it becomes apparent, at least in part, that organic search engine optimization results are not just about getting maximum clicks for users.  They are also catering to the search engine algorithms as well.

Up to now, the CTR data was officially considered to be just approximate, thus being away from any exact statistics. Hence, CTR is believed to be very different and not accurate, based on the brand, SERPs themselves, the listing quality, as well as the query itself. Nevertheless, I feel more likely to take CTR data disregarding how it may vary, as there’s still one quite obvious interrelation found here. The thing is that I noticed for many similar patterns that clicks are dramatically falling driven by their lower positioning in the organic search engine optimization results. But this suggestion is most commonly paid not enough attention by the webmasters, and even many leading SEO companies. Yes, their teams already got too many things to do, but I’m sure there are several key points still completely out of SEO control. Rather than looking for somebody to blame, I suggest observing the ideal representation in the SERPs.

seo results

Going back to the point, after all, Google does change the way of displaying the SERPs, driven by some peculiarities in the site links, changing the title and snippet text. Below are the most important factors I believe in contributing to better CTR of organic search engine optimization results:

  • Title-placed keywords
  • Quality of brand recognition
  • Rich snippets available
  • Snippet text with highlighted search terms
  • CTA buttons included to snippet text
  • Quality site links
  • Other user behavior data

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