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How to combine website design and Search Engine Optimization?

Most commonly, when launching a new framework for practically any online business, the lion’s share of consideration is often set on website design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Let’s face it - having an attractive, user-friendly and professional web design are the key issues when it comes to providing easy and handy visitor access. But what if I say that all these hard works on website design can become merely wasted after all? What if the Internet users will never observe such website displayed in the top list of SERPs by Google? That’s why below I’m going to discuss the preeminent importance of having the tightest cooperation for your works on website design with Search Engine Optimization always coming hand-in-hand.

website design search engine optimization

Visual SEO

Every website design search engine optimization begins with putting all your visual content in accordance with the search algorithms. I mean getting alt tags for each image you are placing on your web pages. The thing is that most of the search engines (as well as Google itself) are unable to “read” the visual content unless every picture is embedded with the necessary description in writing. Moreover, having your website overstuffed with too large images will definitely slow down your overall speed of loading, hence doing bad for your higher ranking in the SERPs. That’s why it’s so important to scale down your visual content while remembering the leading SEO guidelines when choosing the names for images, and embedding them with the right keywords your potential clients are most likely to include in the search query.

Responsive website design improves Search Engine Optimization

Nowadays, portable devices are used for browsing the Internet more and more frequently. Considering that the increasing number of potential buyers are looking for the products or services they need via smartphones and tablets, mobile-friendly web design is now awarded with the higher ranking in the SERPs. So, Google has started penalizing those websites running without a proper set of functions adapted for better browsing experience via portable devices. That’s why it’s a reasonable idea always to keep your responsive website design maintaining Search Engine Optimization works at the same time. Acting this way, don’t forget to make sure your content is also responsive to voice requests. Besides, it’s recommended by the experts to have some well-optimized FAQ sections incorporated into every web page of yours. Remember, such services have already become a MUST to meet the needs of current question-based voice search requests.

website design

Work on your URLs

Here comes one extra option to bring a greater improvement to your website design and Search Engine Optimization. I mean you should pay some precise attention when choosing the domain name. Given you have already got one, you are advised to apply for Google-friendly names for every page of your website. Have each URL and page title reshaped to bear the relevant description rich with the target keywords and phrases. Doing so, you will achieve an excellent user-friendly improvement for your website design, with Search Engine Optimization serving to be more attractive for better indexing by Google’s crawling bots.

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