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What are the main elements of search engine optimization for articles?

Today, we will talk about the primary elements of SEO for articles, which are content, code, and credibility. These three are the core concepts of every successful SEO campaign.

Read on to understand how to write content that’s not only optimized for search engines but also appealing to people. So, closer to the point.

search engine optimization articles

Everything revolves around content

Writing search engine optimization articles:

Content is indeed king. It’s true that without keyword-loaded HTML text on web pages, there is a zero chance for a resource to gain high visibility in Google. As you might already know, search engines can’t read what they can’t see.

Reaching HTML text is the first thing search engine spiders do when indexing a website. Once they are done with that, they can quickly read and understand your content. In case your goal is to rank high in Google’s search engine, then it’s vital for you to ensure your target keywords are included throughout all website pages. Consider placing keywords in the headers and body texts of web pages. If possible, emphasize key phrases throughout the body copy by italicizing, underlining, bolding or hyperlinking to other relevant content.

The Importance of Coding for SEO

Because search engine spiders have trouble with some programming languages, you better design your site to widely accepted Web Standards. Semalt experts adhere to the “less is more” point of view. Besides designing for spiders, the benefit of a Web standards-compliant resource is that it will be accessible to the broad set of browsers and connection speeds, enhancing the experience for users.

Another way to make your website source code optimized for SEO is by ensuring that every single page has keyword-optimized title tags, header tags, meta tags and alt tags. Remember that keywords you target should be the same ones you focused on for the body copy on that page.

Content Credibility Matters

Another critical thing you should understand is how major search engines determine which site out of thousands is displayed for a particular term. Remember, even if you follow the above recommendations, and every page of your website has a reasonable occurrence of that specific term, and the URL and tags in the source code are optimized for the term, you still may never show up at the top of Google search.

To get ahead of the competition, you have to focus on building a sense of credibility with the search engine. The best way to reach the following goal is to acquire links from relevant industry sites that are both: popular and visible in search for your target terms. It works as follows: the more valuable a website that links to you, the higher your link credibility will be with Google.

seo articles


Your resource is much more likely to improve search engine visibility and revenue now that you are armed with the three secret elements of search engine optimization for articles: content, code, and credibility.

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