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What good SEO practices for writers can you suggest?

In 2017, quality content is a deciding factor in SEO success. These days, it’s difficult to deny the importance of exciting and informative content that benefits readers.

Today, I will tell you how to create such content without visiting any special writers workshops. No more need to hire professional copywriters! Read on and follow the SEO practices mentioned below and you are sure to attract more prospects to your site.

good seo practices

Five Good SEO Practices for Generating First-Class Content

Google and other major search engines focus on delivering the best user experience possible. Here are Google’s top 5 search ranking factors every writer should consider:

Unique Content

When creating any content for your website, be it feature articles, blog posts or white papers, make sure they are original. Remember, your primary goal should be to produce innovative, meaningful content that is useful to readers. Don’t copy, don’t plagiarize, don’t stuff your texts with too many keywords — duplicate content can significantly hurt your SEO.

To avoid a Google Panda penalty, the only thing you need to do is generate engaging and valuable content on a regular basis. It works as follows: by offering value to customers, relevant content gives them a reason to stay on your site too.

Useful tip: High bounce rate, as well as low click-through rate, are signs of low-quality content. In such a case you may consider rewriting the content on that web page.

Effective SEO Keywords

Drawing visitors to the website is only half the battle. The other half is to hold their attention and make them want to spend more time on your site. Wondering how you can do that? The answer is simple: by attracting the right kind of audience. Content that includes specific key phrases helps you attract the right prospects by making it easier for people to identify your site in just a few clicks. 

Useful Tip: your company website should be optimized for both: your brand and location keywords to rank high. Using nearby attractions into your keyword strategy is also an excellent idea.  

After researching your target keywords, think about where you will place them on your web page. You can split a page into several parts, such as the body text, header, sidebars, and footers. To increase your search engine visibility, it is recommended that you place keywords in the header and body text of a web page.

seo practices

Optimal Length Texts

While there is still no exact length required to be considered “the ideal content length,” an optimal range would be 500-800 words and more per page. For users who have never been to your resource before, it is crucial to understand what your firm is all about. Help them paint a detailed picture of the experience they will have. Note that search engines like Google tend to favor more extended content over shorter content.

Although length matters, keep in mind that search engines take into account content relevance and usefulness over length.

Hope you enjoyed the above SEO tips for content writing. Implement these good SEO practices into your business and see your rankings fly!

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