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What is the best SEO method for narrowly specialized e-commerce projects?

There are numerous tips and tricks to make sure your content is being seen and read. In this article, I will tell you about the best SEO methods one should apply when creating content for online e-commerce audience. If your goal is to succeed in e-commerce, then you better stick to the recommendations listed below. Here they are:  

SEO Method #1: Choose the Right Keywords

Keywords make your articles searchable, connecting web browsers to your site. You should have a clear idea of what you are writing about. Also, determine which keywords will make your articles searchable.

In case it’s too overwhelming for you to create a whole set of new articles, you can always rewrite the old ones, expanding on their content by adding strong keywords, embedding explanatory videos, developing thoughts on existing ideas. Take those popular articles of yours and sprinkle some fresh content on them.

Note that key phrases should be inserted naturally throughout the entire article, as well as synonyms for the words you have chosen.

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SEO Method #2: Consider Five Most Valuable Places for Your Keywords

Semalt experts recommend that you insert your keywords into five essential places on the post, including:

  • The Slug: This one refers to the URL that everyone will see once your post is active. It is crucial that you insert your keyword into the URL so that users can easily search and find your article on the web.
  • Copy First Paragraph: Insert keywords into the first paragraph of your copy. This makes it easier for Google to identify your website, and more comfortable for web users to understand your content as soon as it appears in the Google SERP.
  • Alternative Text: This one comes into play when you insert images into the article. As you might know, search engines don’t recognize images – they only see the text that they become labeled with by copywriters. Label all of your photos with keyword-oriented descriptions and your company’s name.
  • SEO Title: Make sure you insert the keywords in your title and your SEO title tag. A great decision is to include your company’s name and other key phrases that are relevant to your business. By doing so, you make it easy for search engines and prospects to get directed to the website when searching for these specific things.
  • META Description: Your meta description should also include target keywords. Keep it no more than 160 characters. It should reflect your website content and give a quick preview for your potential clients when they do a Google search.

SEO Method #3: Feel the Power of Link Building  

Both internal and external links are essential for your publishing content. An informative article is a great opportunity to drive readers to other pages on your site. An internal link is a clickable link within your post that can do this task for you. Semalt specialists suggest linking to other web pages where readers could purchase specific services and goods you supply.

Remember, you should always set both your internal and external links to open up in separate pages, rather than direct audience away from your post. This is your chance to link to existing, valuable posts as well.

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Don’t let your incredible content go unnoticed. Make it Google’s best friend by applying the above recommendations. They are best SEO methods every website owner should keep in mind when generating articles.

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