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Search engine optimization and submission: are these two concepts inseparable?

Well, I’m sure that there is a specific relationship between the search engine optimization and submission. But are these two concepts actually inseparable? I guess not. To be more precise, both of them used to be inseparable. But those times long passed. In fact, several years ago there was a point of necessity for the search engine optimization and submission coming hand-in-hand. I mean that your SEO strategy could be brought to action only after you made a complete submission to a particular search engine (i.e., you were to give an individual notification, informing either Google or Bing that your newly launched website was ready for indexing).

search engine optimization and submission

But now the search engine optimization and submission procedures are entirely different things. I mean, while the central concept of SEO remained all the same, the submission itself is now commonly completed by default or would-be self-driven manner. After all, all you need about the submission is only making a check for complete indexing by the search engine.

The procedure itself has never given a room for anything like “asking” or “telling” the search engines you want, for example, to be ranked higher for some particular keywords. In fact, there is no way to force the search engines to include your pages into the top-10, or any other positions in their search results (at least, without breaking their guidelines by using Black-Hat SEO techniques or any different illegal schemes to manipulate their search algorithms). Just for the sake of completeness, we could influence a particular page ranking position by applying for pay-per-click ads, to be shown within first paid listings on top. Most of the users, however, will be likely to skip them in favor of purely organic search listings.

So, let’s return to the topic for getting the final verdict on the search engine optimization and submission. Once again, a manual procedure of submission could be used just to give a signal that your new pages were ready for indexing by crawlers. And now it goes automatically under nearly any circumstances. To check it out, and make sure your pages were successfully found by the search engines for indexing, all you need is to go for the search bar filling it with your website’s homepage URL (for example, That way, should you see your pages displayed in the search listing, everything is okay. So, you see that your website will be still eventually indexed by Google, even if you are doing nothing on purpose, maximum within two weeks. After all, a complete indexing (of course, depending on your web page count) takes about a week or so.

seo and submission

In conclusion

Note, however, that there is another procedure, somehow called “submission” or “subscription” to the search engine. I mean creating your business page account on Google+. The purpose of the procedure is providing some ranking benefits via building a better trust and recognition by the search engine. However, people say that completing the subscription on Google+ can still serve to request a nearly immediate process of indexing.

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