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How to use SEO in my website early development?

It comes without saying that it can be a daunting task to start doing well with a newly launched website. Most commonly, nearly every novice online entrepreneur is facing this quite simple, but actually critical question. For those still wondering "How to use SEO in my website early development?" here is a brief list of easy-to-go tactics perfectly suitable to have a smooth run for the website’s overall performance, particularly through the earliest post-start-up periods.

how to use seo in my website

Before we start, following these steps will help you build a solid foundation for your website to receive more organic traffic. Just one thing for you to remember - when it comes to SEO, you are to be persistent and patient. Never use any shady techniques or manipulative actions to speed everything up, even despite they are widely discussed on the Web. Let's admit it: any immediate gains are not worth taking a severe risk of being caught by Google’s penalties and lose that progress earned with hard work. After all, here is the bottom line. Yes, doing right SEO will take you a lot of time, I should admit. But if you keep moving on the right track, every effort of yours will pay off for sure.

How to use SEO in my website core factors for instantly higher ranking?

Check your website’s usability. Make sure your web pages are making your visitors happy, check them for user-friendly navigation, and valuable information accessible at ease. Test it yourself, from the viewpoint of a customer. Have a double-check to detect any possible browsing issues like duplicate pages or wrong paths possibly leading to the main sections, such as web pages for lodging a feedback, making a purchase, or confirming the order. Make sure to run a repeated check, at least on the most typical browsing paths to get rid of every unnecessary step and extra click that could be annoying for your potential customers.

Have a speed test. Your page loading speed is a critical factor, both from the side of the search engines (Remember, Google will never award high rankings to slowly responding web pages, regardless of their other properties), and fine user experience (Just ask yourself, as if you were a real visitor - how often are you willing to wait for several seconds till the page is displayed in full? Or can it become so annoying, that you would bounce elsewhere else instead?). I recommend checking your page loading speed, for example, with the PageSpeed tool by Google. Test your every page and improve those with loading speed less than 90. Should it happen so, you will need to make optimization wherever possible, such as compressing your visual content or having a revision on your loading scripts. Note, however, that if everything seems well-optimized, but you are still wondering - how to use SEO in my website loading speed improvement - better have a web developer at hand, at least to send a link to your speed report and have some practical quick-fix suggestions from the expert.

how to use seo

At last, check your website for good browsing and mobile-friendly user experience on possibly any device like original desktops, and the trendiest portable devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Remember, with over 54% share mobile search optimization has already become a substantial ranking factor. So you should keep everything clear. As for me, I recommend checking your pages for any broken links first and foremost, as they are known among the most frequent reasons here.

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