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How can I start SEO for my new website?

The Search Engine Optimization is a comprehensive process that always needs your time and effort. And it would be better to start SEO for your new website as a long-term strategy, guided by clear goals and target objectives. However, there is no purely right action plan to start SEO with, or maintain the whole strategy in the long run as well. In fact, every time they would be purely unique and individually tailored for each particular case.

Nevertheless, I’m sure that building your new website by the following suggestions can help you start moving on the right track from the very beginning. That way, generating more traffic and keeping updated on your website metrics, you will have better chances to succeed in the whole doing.

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Website structure

Build the right website structure to place your main and highly relevant keywords a bit later. I mean that you shouldn't rush out doing a lot of stuff even before working with the keywords. First of all, think about building your website with categories, each targeted at its particular set of keywords and key phrases. Have a clear scheme for all further works you are going to do. Also, consider doing a research for some additional keywords that could be included into other subcategories or subpages. Doing so, you will have the excellent website structure to start SEO for your pages with already improved potential for higher relevance and organic search visibility prospects. Note, however, that it would be better to build several pages with extremely precise relevancy, rather than multi-targeted yet still poor one.

Friendly content

Keeping in mind that a proper content optimization is currently found among the most influential on-page ranking factors, make sure to have only friendly content, appealing both to your live visitors, and featured by the search engines at the same time. To start working on SEO-friendly content, I recommend following these brief tips:

  • try to have each page content coming over 2,000 words of valuable text that would be engaging your target audience of users;
  • develop more long-form writings to leave the door open for a more significant count of inbound links per web page;
  • don’t hesitate to have a detailed descriptive content, as it will give your website a better organic ranking potential in the more extended run;
  • make your content rich with the target keywords, but keep saturating your pages occasionally to avoid overstuffing, particularly in your headings and subheadings.

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Google console

At last, before you start SEO works on every other on-site and off-site section of your web pages, don’t forget to set up your Google Analytics account, and make the right use of Google Search Console. You will need them before anything else, to have a complete insight on your website performance. Once again, completing the task and having a regular check (once a fortnight would be enough) is a MUST for you always to stay updated with each new option and every opportunity to start SEO.

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