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Is it possible to control my Search Engine Optimization on Amazon?

Most commonly, there are four main things about the Search Engine Optimization on Amazon that you can control as the ecommerce businessman selling over there. Here they are: price, reviews, eligibility, and product image. I listed these mainly controllable factors of Amazon SEO in a decreasing order of their importance. Some big-time sellers might as well disagree, but my former experience tells me they all are relatively accurate and reliable for you to be used for your own benefit as well. So, below I’m going to list these main factors of the Search Engine Optimization on Amazon one by one.

Search Engine Optimization on Amazon: Controllable Factors

  • Price. Considering that Amazon is very much like the ordinary brick-and-mortar marketplaces, competitive pricing is arguably the most important factor of your survival as a successful seller over there. In terms of the Search Engine Optimization on Amazon, offering competitive pricing means you will be more likely to be displayed among top searched items – and it makes pricing our first SEO factor to be monitored on Amazon before anything else. You could notice that the lion’s share of Amazon’s search results is a would-be “mixture” of low-to-high priced products offered on sale. And it means that in fact, Amazon doesn’t prefer the lower quality of low-priced items over the better quality of the higher-priced ones. Nevertheless, competitive pricing should be your number one priority over there. Of course, if you want to rank among the top 10 search results. Remember, those who are ranked within that sweet-spot are almost always seen as price leaders in their niche or product category.
  • Reviews. Let’s face it – in the eyes of the Search Engine Optimization on Amazon, customer reviews matter a lot more for your product page itself, rather than its content optimization by the main sections. Everything is simple – the more positive customer reviews you have, the better chances of receiving another click by the shopper your product listing will have. What’s more – a lot of good customer reviews is considered by the A9 product search algorithm as a powerful ranking signal in its own way. So, customer reviews as a strong ranking factor should never be neglected. Of course, if you want to be a successful online retailer selling on Amazon.

  • Eligibility.  It’s nearly self-explanatory, because when your item on sale is fulfilled by Amazon (otherwise, it’s Prime eligible), it will give you a higher rate of conversion. And it means that given that your item isn’t for example too bulky or oversized, being Prime eligible can give you a really huge advantage in better online exposure to a relevant product search.
  • Image. Of course, your product image might as well seem insignificant in many ways. In fact, your potential buyers are simply having a look at your main product image to understand whether this is exactly the item they are looking for. Nevertheless, there is a lot about the Search Engine Optimization on Amazon to be done for your product images. Consider optimizing your images – just as if they were pieces of ordinary plain-text content in your product listing. That way, your likelihood of ranking high will be surely improved to a measurable degree.
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