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Is it wise to purchase backlinks for SEO?

Taking a decision to purchase backlinks for SEO is hardly a well-formed conclusion, not to say it is too far from a wise or smart idea. Should you purchase backlinks for SEO? This is a very simple question that needs a short answer. No way! Never ever purchase backlinks for SEO. No matter what how attractive they may seem at first glance, everything will inevitably end up with a dangerous mess. I mean that if you really care about your website’s long-term rankings on Google, just forget that. Otherwise, you are going to hurt your overall progress in SEO, as the search giant will know that you are cheating, it’s just a matter of time.

purchase backlinks seo

Here is why you should think twice before you finally go out to purchase backlinks for SEO. Just consider the following simple terms and suggestions:

  • Putting it in plain English, backlinks can be simply compared with “votes” on Google. The more links you have, the more likely will be your website to win the “election campaign.” And here we are entering a quite delicate junction - most of us mistakenly believe that one can take the lead in this “election” by getting some paid “votes.” But the system is actually much more complicated, so taking a decision to purchase backlinks for SEO has two sides of the medal.
  • Some links are always recognized by Google as more powerful ones, of course given that they are coming from well-trusted sources with a high domain authority. At the same time, the text content around backlinks is considered by the search engines as well. For example, the world’s leading e-commerce store Amazon is naturally frequently shown on Google upon keyword request like “books.” At the same time, it’s unlikely to be displayed for the rest of another keyword, such as “cars” for instance.
  • When you purchase backlinks for SEO, there is no guarantee that they will be well-trusted by Google. On the one hand, they can be merely null and void, from the viewpoint of the leading search engine. From the other hand, however, having a lot of those lousy quality links might as well be recognized by Google as undoubtedly manipulative actions or some sort of abuse. That way, the whole website ranking progress will be more likely to apply for Google’s penalty.
  • Considering that even the world’s top search engine has limited resources, those concerned guys reporting backlink selling networks and other Grey-Hat SEO schemes are encouraged to help get the scams and any other unscrupulous authorities providing search optimization services.

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  • Of course, you may successfully purchase backlinks for SEO and even enjoy a brief shortcut to “winning the election.” Nevertheless, you will never know when all that ends up either with not working links, or even bringing severe damage to your website ranking promotion on the SERPs in the foreseeable future. Sooner than you may think.
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