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Can I get backlinks without spending too much time?

Is it possible to get backlinks for your website’s ranking promotion? Can you get backlinks without paying too much time and effort? The answer is yes, of course, you can. Doing it by self, however, often seems a really daunting task for too many people. But the truth is that you can get backlinks yourself, without doing much time-consuming and labor-intensive work. Below are several tips how to earn quality backlinks without investing a single dollar. In fact, the challenge is not as challenging as it may look at first glance. Why? Let’s check this step by step.

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Tip 1 - Try “Do Follow” Blogging

Most commonly, the lion’s share of cool blogs is using a no-follow HTML attribute on every link pointing outside their blog pages. Of course, it is done on purpose - simply to prevent their blog comments from overwhelming with a massive link spam of zero relevancy. And here is when it comes to “Do Follow” blogging, which stays clear from this common limitation. So, why not to make use of these “Do Follow” blogs to your own advantage, right? That way, I just recommend browsing through the list of the most popular and use-proven ones to get started straight away.

Tip 2 - Go for Guest Blogging

Of course, you will have to invest some time in writing a quality content to be hosted on the third party web pages. From the one hand, your time is the only way to “pay” for quality backlinks landed on some famous and often visited places on the Internet. From the other hand, however, never skimp your effort on guest blogging. Just keep in mind that acting this way you are not only earning backlinks, but also exposing your main website and your authority to a broader audience of the interested users.

Tip 3 - Get Backlinks on E-commerce sites

I mean here you might as well take a significant advantage of different e-commerce frameworks. Are you dealing with eBay, Amazon, Etsy, or any other online platform like that? If your main website makes a deal in the realm of e-commerce, feel free to have your product pages embedded with links pointing back to your business web pages or supportive blog posts.

Tip 4 - Use the Power of Social Media

As advantageous as obvious it may seem, your social bookmark profiles can be used to give backlinks to your main business website. Just make sure to revise and update all your profiles on the trendiest online media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

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Tip 5 - Questions & Answers

It would be a great idea to become an expert in your market niche, as well as any specific industry area. Check out for some popular websites running different discussions on their Question and Answer sections (for example Quora). Such websites are extremely useful to get backlinks pointing the way to your main website or blog.

Tip 6 - Make Bait Posts

Don’t hesitate to start writing linkbait posts. I mean here hosting some useful blogs delivering real user value and getting them “packed” with tons of valuable data like practical guides, tutorials, reviews, considerations, tips & tricks, and so on. Everything is elementary - when you produce a really sound supportive content fitting the sentiments and needs of your potential readers, you will be surprised at so many people showing up and just linking to you.

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