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Which is the best backlink builder tool and how to use it?

As for me, the process of link building is not as painful as many people think. From the one hand, there are hundreds of different online frameworks to choose from, in fact, most of them are available on open access. From the other hand, however, there is no single universal backlink builder tool to fit under possibly any circumstances. Why? Simply because the core basics are very much alike for 9 of 10 link building strategies. Practically every link building tool found on the Internet will work all the same - finding the right prospects, vetting them, creating a contact, and finally securing a well-polished link.

Nevertheless, choosing the right link building tool can make things much more comfortable. So, below I’m going to have a brief discussion of the three main categories of link building tools taken in general. To end up the current consideration for the “ideal” backlink builder tool, I will list you several best and use-proven options in each category. That way, you will have a better understanding of why you actually need them, to make an efficient, practical use of the best tools available for the moment.

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Before everything else, let’s face it - buying links or applying for built-in PBN links would be extremely risky. Therefore, we are going to focus solely on each link builder tool that works manually. I mean that I’m going to review those most popular online frameworks that are used to search, evaluate and jump on the new opportunities. So, I suggest having all related tools divided into three main categories, as follows: backlink indexes, processing tools, and outreach management tools.

Backlink Indexes

Backlink indexes are used to discover all the backlinks leading to an individual URL or domain. Giving access to the index, such backlink builder tool can be extremely beneficial to find out and evaluate any basic link prospects and attributes, for example, anchors.

When it comes to link indexes, there are three main options, each maintaining an individual set of unique metrics, most commonly related to the page trust and domain authority. So, your options for choosing a backlink builder tool are most likely to be somewhere among Ahrefs, Majestic, or Moz as well.

Backlink Processing Tools

Unlike backlink indexes, these processing tools are used to evaluate different data (including indexes as well). The information coming from numerous sources is pulled together to be analyzed and processed at scale. Backlink processing tools are also great for translating the raw data into a more useful and actionable information. Among the others, I recommend trying URL Profiler, Alexa, Semalt Analyzer, or Scrapebox processing tools with different add-ons, for broken link and page authority check in particular.

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Outreach Management Tools

Every outreach backlink builder tool is going to be especially demanded when it comes to most of the standard manual tactics. I mean that when backlink processing is finally completed, you will certainly need a special performance tool to handle and adjust active outreach at scale. Here are several options I recommend for your consideration: Pitchbox, Buzzstream, Ninja Outreach, Mailshake, or Gmass.

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