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Is it hard to run a product page SEO?

Most commonly, your product page optimization comes in two different ways. First and foremost, it starts with doing best for perfectly friendly user experience to evolve most of your visitors into real clients. Doing so, the rest of your optimization works should cover product page SEO, intended to give your e-commerce shop better online visibility, as well as higher traffic and conversions driving your revenues after all. But how to handle a successful search engine optimization for your pages to always stay on top of Google’s SERPs? Let’s have a look through the main elements of successful product page SEO I found reasonable to drive my several previous e-commerce projects as well.

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Basics of product page SEO

Obviously, a standard product page looks much like any other web page on the Internet. That’s why suggesting that all means of the original Search Engine Optimization for content are similarly applicable for product page optimization does make sense. So, let’s have a brief overview of the most critical steps that matter for your product page SEO:

  • Work well to have an entirely sound title to highlight your product brand name, including its producer authority or label, when applicable. Consider including your strongest keyword or even a relevant long-tail key phrase to your product page title.
  • Think about the main peculiarities in vocabulary possibly arising for your subject or some famous glossary words used for the allied spheres of your industry. I mean here that using, for example, a typical abbreviation as a keyword can be a wise decision. Just because too often wondering people are likely to use more specific word queries in their search requests.
  • Invest more time and effort in your product descriptions. Just like any other web page content, you should create purely unique and high-quality writings to make the difference between your online store and the rest of relative listings literally swarming on the Internet. Never take any original product descriptions coming from the manufacturers by default, or even part of them. At the same time, avoid having a duplicate content at all cost. Otherwise, your product descriptions will be recognized by Google as non-unique, and hence would hardly gain any high rankings in the search results.
  • Embed every visual element of your product description with a proper Alt tag writing. Remember, without a sound Alt text the search engines are simply unable to read and understand any images hosted on your product pages. I recommend including your product name to the main product image at least once per page.
  • Also, don’t forget to have an inviting and user-friendly meta description. Ideally, you should have as many unique meta descriptions as possible. However, sometimes it can appear a very daunting task. So, I suggest starting with your meta descriptions in a would-be templated manner, i.e., changing just your product name per every product page meta description.

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In conclusion, you are welcome to go for a broader consideration about product page SEO. I just mentioned the very basics on the subject, without giving enough attention to several important technical aspects of product page SEO (like, or Open Graph data). So, make sure to study them more thoroughly anyway.

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