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Ecommerce product page best practices: what are they?

Speaking about ecommerce product page and best practices to stay always on top, I would like to put a particular emphasis on the visual content. In fact, having right images hosted on the right product pages can give your web store not only a good visual improvement but serve as a powerful sales tool. To make this happen, I tried to have a complete overview of many ecommerce product page best practices, at least to understand which could be really worthy ones.

ecommerce product page best practices

Planning is the key

As for me, I recommend focusing on the visual component of your ecommerce product page and best practices to have sound images not only for an eye-catching look, but for their significant influence on the overall performance of your web store (like higher organic traffic, and more significant conversion to drive your actual revenues after all).

Before anything else, note that the best part here is that you can do most of the task by yourself. Yes, some works are likely to be slightly time-consuming ones, but should you feel a lack of free time, I think you can always hire a smart freelancer to do that for you at a reasonable price.

Let’s face it - planning is the key. First and foremost, you are supposed to have all the necessary information to have your own strategy, that would let your online business take the lead over the closest competitors. In fact, there are no universal techniques to make a perfectly tailored ecommerce product page. Best practices are too broad, so it would be just up to you to decide which of them you should include to your action plan. But what should be done to start moving on the right track at once?

Ask yourself at least the following questions:

  • What image size would be ideal to represent what you need, and keep a good page loading speed at the same time?
  • What file formats should you use? And which of them are you going to use for thumbnails?
  • What kind of images would be better for product page optimization, and which pictures are better for your category listings?

ecommerce seo

Think well on these pretty obvious yet still crucial bullet points. Once it is done, we can proceed with some basic guidelines. Having tested a lot of different practices, I understood that most of them were usually concentrated on a single core objective - having bright images perfectly appealing to the target customers, your ecommerce project is mainly betting on. So, let’s look through the main aspects of your forthcoming works to get flawless product page images :

  • Start shaping your action plan considering the preeminent importance of image sizing.
  • Ideally, create your own images using a DSLR camera with no flash. You’d better apply for some professional lighting practices instead.
  • Don’t skimp your effort in post-production works. Try to be always getting the most out of every image you shoot.
  • Optimizing the images for SEO, consider the differences between your individual and category product pages.
  • Make life easier, never hesitate to use all special tools you find reasonable under any circumstances.
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