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What do you know about e-commerce SEO for category pages?

Nowadays, the modern marketplace has evolved into a crowded world of e-commerce. And it’s becoming more and more competitive environment for online stores doing best to provide their customers more seamless, enjoyable, and secure shopping experience. And this already sharp market competition is only going to become more violent. That’s why every smart online entrepreneur is forced now to keep moving the way of improvement for every even the puniest detail in their e-commerce stores. And category pages, which are listing their products, aren’t exception. Moreover, particularly SEO-friendly category pages are among the core areas to be always handled with care. In fact, however, the subject of SEO for category pages is still neglected by too many online retailers.

That’s why below are some basic steps to help you make sure you are moving on the right track. I believe they will help you keep your web store more appealing to your target audience. So, here comes the basics of SEO for category pages to drive the sale of your products:

  • Write a custom sales copy

A standard sales copy is essential to help shoppers fulfill their decision to purchase on your web store. But what if I say that it is also crucial for SEO purposes? In fact, having a unique sales copy for SEO in category pages can be an excellent way for targeting your specific keywords. Never miss this opportunity to improve your online visibility. Just make sure to avoid any non-unique writings.

  • Include compelling CTAs

Give a spur to your visitors by embedding your category pages with different calls to action. I mean here that you can land any compelling message like “products left,” “best deal,” “limited offer.” Also, it would be great to create more demand for your products by showing icons that denote reviews. Doing so, you can improve your web store’s credibility as well.

  • Split category pages by criteria

Sometimes customers are not sure exactly what product they are browsing for. So, why shouldn’t you help them pick the right item and make the actual purchase? Break up your category pages by various shopping criteria for a functional search. I mean that acting like a real shopping assistant, you are free to highlight, for example, your best-selling products, fresh releases, top-rated items, limited stock offers, etc.

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  • Provide advanced search

To win the competition, you should have more loyal customers willing to purchase with you on a regular basis. Let every occasional visitor find a perfect match at once, and they will become your standing clients. That way, make your search more precise and intuitive for better shopping experience. Here is a piece of useful insight to create a functional faceted navigation through your category pages - let the shoppers search for a number of factors. As evident as benefitting, providing a correct faceted navigation you will need to pay a precise attention to some severe implications in SEO for category pages and product listings. I recommend browsing for more in-depth study on the subject. The only thing I can tell you for sure - handling faceted navigation is a great practice to make your online store stand out and get ahead of competitors.

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