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What is the easiest way to building high PR7 backlinks?

As for me, building backlinks isn’t that difficult and can become a quite easy task, when handled the right way. And you are also able to successfully create backlinks from top authoritative websites, with the highest PageRank possible. I mean you are free to grab not just a single PR7 backlink but also much more valuable ones having scores of up to PR8 or even PR9 points. And below I’m going to show you some good places with a pretty high PageRank value worth building links with. Let’s review my featured list including some of the most popular websites, such as,,, as well as 

Follow my step-by-step action plans to get some extra PR7 backlinks out there to be pointing to your own website or blog. Keep reading, and enjoy a fairly measurable improvement in PageRank, domain authority, and the whole range of prospects in SEO boosted at scale.

I recommend making your first try right there and nowhere else. is a very simple online platform designed as a card listing for ecommerce business. The service allows pulling everything you need together - both business sites, and your personal profiles on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and any other websites or blog pages. Here is how you can get a couple of that valuable PR7 backlink out there. Just go to the main page on A for registration. Once you’ve got everything in place - just go to “edit” page and proceed with “biography” section. Next, insert a link pointing to your main website or blog. To complete the task, just click tab links to place there your own domain name - and you’re done!

It’s a well-known and trusted service that offers open source software. WordPress is dealing mainly with blogging and CMS online frameworks estimated to empower and support about a quarter of the whole web resources for the moment. Here is how to get those deserved backlinks with PageRank value coming up to 9 points. All you need is to complete their registration procedure, and proceed with your newly created profile page - just to fill your website’s or blog’s URL out there.

Being nearly as simple as the previous option, you can just register on - and get a required number of PR7 backlinks. In fact, everything with must be smooth and self-explanatory, so you’re unlikely to face any issues there.

Try building links to this popular hosting service. Apart from the other advanced and definitely powerful features available on, this website allows exploring and sharing photos within local users and engaged communities. Much like in that two previous cases, all you need is to create your personal profile and put it in the registry. Once it’s done, just click the bar and select the right option to edit your profile info. Don’t forget to save your progress and enjoy another backlink pointing to your website or blog. Good luck!

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