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I tried to do organic SEO, but my organic SEO techniques don't work. What should I do?

It comes without saying that the final aim of organic SEO techniques is to achieve a steady and long-lasting progress in organic traffic. It means that ideally when a set of proper organic SEO techniques is used right, your website should see a growing number of real visitors, brought to your web pages directly from the list of Google search results (the SERPs). But what should be done, when it happens that organic SEO techniques you are using failed to bring any further gains in traffic? Should it happen so, below is a brief list of actions for you to try and tackle the situation by yourself.

organic seo techniques

Before anything else, I recommend checking your website for receiving a manual penalty by Google. It can be tested at ease, as most commonly such a sentence comes with a notification in Google Search Console. Should it happen that your web pages have actually lost some traffic (either due to weak or non-unique content, spammy, or grey-hat SEO schemes), you’d better have a quick-fix for these issues as soon as possible.

Given that you still seem clear from any manual penalties by Google, you should inspect the main areas of your website, which faced the most severe drop in traffic. On the one hand, if such a fall seems to be cumulative, it’s more likely that you’ve got a problem with specific keywords or keyphrases you are using wrong for several sections of your website. Otherwise, if your traffic drop appears to be related to one particular web page, you are recommended to examine that page’s links. Most likely your organic SEO techniques stopped bringing previously steady progress, particularly through some backlinking violations.

Next, you should examine your website competition, with the most recent changes that could happen through the past two or three months. Such a situation is most likely to occur either during the earliest stages of the post-start-up period or if you are involved in high-tech or software development industries where a typical level of competition is the most severe. First of all, check your current search positions for the main keywords to see exactly in what areas your closest competitors managed to take the lead. Maybe they have got a definitely better content or more quality links? Note, however, that the most probable reasoning here could be quite simple - your competitors might as well have recently invested in their own organic SEO techniques to dominate your formerly leading positions. Should it happen so, I suggest targeting on more head-to-head actions to win the competition right in your current niche, or you can reasonably have an in-depth keyword research to choose another, more specific long-tail keywords or phrases to start gaining your traffic back.

organic seo

After all, your current organic SEO techniques could lose the steam, due to some other reasons. As a result, your competitors might as well be taking the lead without their own purpose. That way, you are recommended to go back to your web pages and study their performance in link building and on-site content once again.

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