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What web design tips for stunning e-commerce site do you know?

Nowadays, e-commerce business is one of the most profitable spheres of business which gain the highest record-setting mark of more than $2 trillion in global online sales. It draws the attention of the companies to the online sphere where the biggest amount of their potential customers is placed. A website is a perfect way to present your brand online and boost revenue. Perfectly designed websites draw in customers and increase the perceived value of the offered services or product. However, to create an attractive and user-friendly site, you need to find a professional and trustworthy e-commerce web design company. If you do not have any technical skills in this sphere, this task can appear quite challenging. In this article you will find some tips how to hire a good e-commerce web design company and what can you expect to pay.

e-commerce web design company

How to find e-commerce web design company?

Experienced web designers can adapt their style to suit client’s needs, and this should be reflected in their portfolio with recent projects. Experienced web designers usually publish their works on such designer platforms as Behance or Coroflot. So, before hiring a web design company or an individual expert check their pages on these sites to get a clear understanding of what they are able to do. Moreover, before hiring a web designer, you may ask him about his qualification to make sure he is a professional in his field.

 A designer experience is not a less significant aspect. That is why you can ask him to show a portfolio and a list of clients. At the initial stage of cooperation with an e-commerce web design studio, you will be provided with a number of draft designs. They will also make the required corrections until you are satisfied with the result. Moreover, a professional web design will try to find a particular approach to your industry to meet your business needs. He provides you with a custom approach creating a unique website design that will perfectly suit your business.

How much does it cost?

Full-stack digital agencies can charge anything up to $3,000 for a customized web design and up to $1,000 for template design. A price can be even higher if we talk about e-commerce business. Depending on a sphere where you would like to promote and your business goals, a cost per one project can rise to $5,000. If we talk about in-house web designers, they offer more affordable prices, charging approximately $300-800 per one project.

A website design improvement requires a lot of practices and tools, that is why you need to expect a bill of least $1,000 for a 10-page website. Landing pages, of course, cost much lower.

e-commerce web design

Moreover, you need to get ready to make an additional payment for website logo. The price for logo design can also range from hundred dollars to millions. According to the statistical data, approximately two-third of e-commerce businesses purchase a customized logo design spending for it $300 on average, and less than 15% of business people spend more than $700 on their logo.

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