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What professional services do I need to improve my web design?

Website design is a quite complicated and tricky web development skill to master. By creating your site design, you should meet the needs of your potential customers and make search engines love your site. You have less than 30 seconds to attract users who come to your site from search. He should determine what your site is about at once. Otherwise, he will proceed his search following your competitor websites. That is why you need to pay particular attention to your homepage, menu bar and backgrounds you are using. You need to make sure your website visitors can easily navigate your site to find what they need.

professional web design services

If your site has a high bounce rate and your visitors do not convert into customers, you probably have some weak points in your site design which need to be improved. There are plenty of various elements you can bring up to enhance your website design. This guide is designed to show you some ways how to improve your site design implements professional web design services.

Professional web design services

  • Responsive design

According to Google 2015 algorithm update, all websites should implement responsive design to rank high on Google. According to statistical data, a number of searches from mobile devices has exceeded the number of searches from computers. Nowadays, approximately 31% of all traffic coming to the websites that are placed on the first SER page came from mobile devices. That is why you obviously need to make your site responsive to attract more new visitors from mobile search. If your site is not ready for mobile, you are going to have a hard time to keeping visitors on your web pages and will never come to the Google TOP.

  • Simple is better than overloaded

To succeed in a digital market, you should create a simple and intuitive design to bring the perfect experience to your website visitors and increase your rankings. Nowadays, web design embraces minimalism and simplicity as it enables users to find what they need quickly and easily without a need to deal with a complicated and bulky menu. The intricate designs are fading into history. Currently, simplicity is more valuable than complexity. Clean and flat designs are on trend, and this is what businesses are steadily trying to adapt to. Moreover, too heavy flesh designs and fancy graphics may slow a process of your web page load, lowering your site position on SERP.

  • Simple navigation

The average time your potential customers need to spend to get to the required page on your site is two seconds. If it is not about your site, then you need to improve your site navigation. The best way to do it is to simplify your menu and navigation. If you give your customers too many options, they will probably feel frustrated and have a lot of unanswered questions. To make everything clear, you may create a short description for each website section to give your users a clear understanding of what they will follow next. For less important web pages, you may stick them in sub-menus.

web design

  • Make it simple to get in touch

This rule may seem to you unnecessary as it goes without saying. However, in most cases, there are some difficulties to get in touch with the owner of website or support team. That is why you need to be sure your content information is available on each page of your site in the form of a side menu or pop-up. Moreover, you may permanently place it in a website footer. If you content information is not visible, you will most likely lose your clients and opportunities to retail your products as well as stay close to your targeted audience.

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