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How to Find Out Whether My Business Really Needs an Organic SEO Consultant?

Sooner or later, small business owners will have to decide whether they need any additional help to maintain their online presence or they can cope on their own.

Understanding what is good for your business can be a daunting task. Today, I will tell you how to determine whether SEO consulting services are right for your business. Also, I will reveal the secrets of hiring a quality organic SEO consultant. After reading this article, it would be easier for you to make an informed and well-thought decision. So, closer to the point.

organic seo consultant

Organic Search Consultant: Do I Need One?

Do some market research. Think about what keywords might your potential customers type into the Google search bar to find your site organically. You can always refer to such useful services as Google’s Search Console and Moz to research potential keyword phrases and get additional information on how to select the right keywords. If you discover that it’s hard for you to do the keyword research, then in-depth SEO consulting services like Semalt are precisely what you need. They will provide a comprehensive list of phrases to target for your brand.

Pay Attention to Your Website Structure

If you discover that there are many high traffic keyword phrases for which potential clients may search to find your resource, the next step would be to decide whether your site is already set up to support an SEO campaign. If yes, good for you. If no, then you better hire the organic SEO consultant who will do a proper setup for your website.

SEO experts suggest that each target keyword should have its dedicated landing page. Remember, it’s a bad idea to keyword stuff every web page, especially if those keywords do not reflect what that page is about. For example, if your company offers electronics, you may need to create a dedicated landing page for each specific type of product you supply: laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and the line goes on.

Technical elements also play a crucial role in the success of the SEO campaign. If you’re investing in organic SEO consultant under the assumption that this will only include keyword research, think again. Page load speed, alt tags, image size, and file compression will also affect the outcome of your efforts at the end of your SEO campaign.

organic seo

Business Competition: Scope it Out

Finally, before hiring the organic SEO consultant, scope the competition for the keyword phrases you may select to target. Don’t forget to take a look at the domain authorities of the resources that currently hold the top positions in organic search. If these sites all have domain authorities above 80, and your resource falls somewhere around a 25, this phrase may be nearly impossible for you to rank.


For those individuals who find it overwhelming to promote their website and generate quality leads, hiring the organic SEO consultant is a must. Remember, a small investment could earn you thousands down the road. So why not try it then?

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