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Is improving my customer reviews one of the best ways to improve SEO?

All online businesses require a quality search engine optimization to attract potential clients and boost revenue. There are a lot of ways how you can influence your site SEO in the not traditional but effective way. You may your local company to Google My Business or publish an article about your services in one of the most well-recognized online magazines. 

Moreover, you may generate unique and engaging content that people will share with each other. Of course, all these methods are useful and raise your authority for both search engines and users. However, remember what you are paying attention when ordering something online. As millions of other users, I take into consideration customers reviews about the company before making any decisions. 

Customer reviews are significant whether you are selling a product or offering a service. Your potential customers look to friends, relatives or other users for feedbacks on services a particular company provides. Nobody wants to be deceived by fraudulent online merchants. That is why they take into consideration any data that can raise their loyalty and trust in the brand. The current digital world has made any information readily available for users. There are even applications that allow us to scan a barcode and get immediate feedback. That is why you need to pay particular attention to your business reviews to make sure your potential customers will make a correct decision toward your company.

best ways to improve seo

Review as the best way to improve my site SEO

It should be mentioned, that reviews are not only good for users but also for your business overall online presence. They can improve your brand recognition and attract new potential clients to your site. Positive feedbacks have an impact on your search engine placement and increase click-through rate to your site. Big enterprises have the separate PR departments which are responsible for user's attitude toward the company as a visual presence on customer review sites is a significant component the search engines appreciate and incorporate into their ranking algorithm to determine a domain authority and relevance.

According to the statistical data, the biggest amount of customer reviews is negative, because that is when most consumers would like to share their negative experience with the company and warn other people about the risk.

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So you need to do your best to encourage product or service reviews and make your customers leave only good and truthful feedbacks.

You need to start your business PR campaign with completing your profiles on popular review platforms such as Google+ Local, Yahoo! Local Listing, Yelp, and others. After that, you need to strategize on how to create customer relationships enticing them to leave their reviews and become your brand representatives in the online world. You may ask your clients to share their opinion about your products or services through your site, e-mail, phone or even send them a card asking for a review. It is advisable do not automate this process if it is possible as users appreciate a personal contact.

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