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How can social practices enhance SEO?

Search engine optimization and social media marketing are two closely related and interrelated notions that bring a high-quality and targeted traffic to a website. Social media can help your SEO efforts as almost all of your potential clients are using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and so on. Many local businesses nowadays even do not build websites or landing pages. 

They sell their products and services directly from their business account on social media platforms. It is a smart decision as here you may attract almost the same amount of concerned users to your business as in search engines. Currently, social media platforms serve as an affordable and efficient way to lead business online. However, if we talk about SEO and SMM in a complex, it is worth to say that Google confirms that links shared on Facebook are used as ranking signals. That is why sites with high ranking positions have the higher numbers of social cues.

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How can social media enhance search engine optimization?

Both SEO and Social Media Marketing are organic inbound approaches that are aimed at building an attractive identity that organically draws potential customers. It means that SMM can significantly enhance your website rankings. Let us discuss social media can enhance your search engine optimization efforts.

  • Link potential

Make sure you publish a quality content social media you have, the more opportunities users have to see your quality content and share it. So, having a relevant and up-to-date content on your social media platforms as it can raise your link potential. The more shares on social media you have, the more opportunities users have to see your quality content and share it. So, having a relevant and up-to-date content on social media helps to attract potential links. Some businesses hire SMM experts to improve their presence on social media. It is quite reasonable, especially for local businesses. It does not matter whether you are promoting your business on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you create a unique and useful for your potential customers content, you are more likely to get links from other websites.

  • Make an audience loyal

To succeed in the social media market, you need to be proactive and reach people where they are. With social media platforms like Facebook where almost 2 millions active users, you may build your web presence and target your potential customers. So, if you are going to improve your site ranking and enhance your SEO, you should up your social game. Social media business accounts enable website owners to become closer to their targeted audience. You may show your followers a backstage of your industry and engage them in this process. Use all available methods of interaction with your audience such as contests, online surveys, awarding prizes and so on. All these methods will make your followers loyal to your brand and help you to turn them into paying regular customers.

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  • Branded searches  

When your potential customers google your brand name plus a keyword phrase, it can help you rank for similar search terms. For instance, users search for a brand name+smartphones and interact with your site content which gives them all required information. In this case, Google would think that since your site ranks well for this query, it would also be relevant to a general query “smartphones” and rank your site higher for this search term.

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