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How can I make a web analytics report in Semalt Report Center?

Each entrepreneur wants to see the positions in dynamics, learn more about possible clients, define weak points on the webpages when studying the website statistics. If you pay for such report, make sure it includes the following data:

  • positions of keywords;
  • website traffic;
  • behavioral factors;
  • level of webpages optimization;
  • quality of content;
  • competitor analysis.

It is also essential to mind the ways the information is presented, methods of data harvesting and frequency of reports. Most of users are accustomed to receive pallid Google Analytics reports and cannot even imagine there are other ways of displaying information. Semalt Inc. made a great step forward by creating the Report Center as a part of its unique web analytics service.

Semalt Report Center distinguishes from other service by the large number of settings and data visualization. Moreover, the reports can be generated on request or automatically. In plain English, you only need to configure report delivery once and they will be sent to one or multiple email addresses. It is very convenient to choose the type of report, its format or create your own templates.

Semalt Report Center is a brand new approach to web analytics. The Semalt Inc. focuses on SEO services for business and the developers have thought over all the important aspects. Other analytics services mostly concentrate on such essential factors as number of clicks and page views. This information is required, but it is of any use when you need to promote your website on Google search. Semalt report includes website search engine positions for keywords. The user can select the display mode:

  • Date sequence
  • Date comparison

You can instantly generate and download the report in one of the available formats: .PDF or .CSV.

Web analytics reports for your clients: “white label” templates

Since many companies act as intermediary, the “white label” format was developed. It allows to change the data source. Semalt supports this technology and enables the clients to add their details and logo to web analytics reports. In further words, Semalt Report Center generates a report according to the client’s wishes and demands.

The intermediary can use various templates for sending reports to their clients and partners. You need to configure the template only once and then save it.

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