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Is it right that Semalt botnet is spam?

If your friend works with our service you can learn at first hand that we have nothing to do with spam. On the contrary, Semalt helps website owners to solve a lot of tasks. Try to monitors your website positions on This is free unless you don’t need the history of your positions.

  • What is botnet?

It is a collection of several hosts. Special applications (bots) are installed on the user’s PC together with other software without the user’s knowledge. The bots are aimed at providing access to the computer in order to perform any fraud activity (passwords and confidential information stealing, financial transactions etc.) The botnets are often used for the so-called DDoS-attacks.

  • What is a DDoS-attack?

This is an attack to the server that causes improper operation of a web resource that it can even become unavailable to the users.

No need to panic. Even such giant as Microsoft has once suffered hacker attacks. As we can see it is impossible to secure all guarantees from this trouble.

  • Is it true that Semalt botnet attacked computers of regular users?

We already know what botnet is. Now let’s find out where the rumors about the so-called Semalt botnet came from and whether they can be trusted.

First of all, you need to open and learn more details about the company activities. You will discover that our business is regulated by law: we provide web analytics and SEO services to website owners.

Semalt complex of tools includes many tasks:

  • Website traffic monitoring.
  • Relevant keywords suggestion (semantic kernel).
  • Webpages structure analysis.
  • Social signals monitoring.
  • Search and analysis of competitors’ websites.

Certainly, you need specific tools to implement all these features. These are special applications (robots) that are scanning the web and harvesting information about websites of our clients and their competitors.

As you study the principle of search engine systems work, you will notice that they are based on the same algorithm. One would hardly call Google search engine or Yahoo a botnet. Bots cannot harm the user’s website, they do not perform any activity on websites. Moreover, Semalt does not require access to the user’s PC or server hosting the resource. You only need to enter the URL in the project settings to monitor statistics. The system works with public data.

  • Semalt system security

We are extremely demanding to our security system, so all the information about our clients and their projects are strictly confidential. No one can have access to these data.

Sure, no one is protected from fraud activity, for that reason we recommend our clients to be very attentive to security issues when selecting their hosting. Reliable data encryption can save you from any sort of troubles. 

Semalt tips: key security measures

You need to use application and hardware filter to protect your data from botnet attacks. Great many innovations appear in this sphere daily, so we recommend the developers to carefully follow the news posted on specific websites.

You should stick to these simple recommendations to minimize chances to suffer from a botnet attack:

  • Contact your hosting company in order to protect your website.

Ensure your PC security:

  • Use advanced versions of antivirus software.
  • Regularly upgrade you OS.
  • Install software for personal data encryption.
  • Do not open suspicious messages and do not click unknown links.
  • Do not install software from strange and unverified resources.

Try to follow these simple rules to decrease your chance of becoming a victim of a cyber-attack.

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