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What are the ways to obtain free but effective dofollow backlinks?

To get dofollow backlinks is very significant in term of search engine optimization. They serve to raise the power of your web source in search results. Everybody knows that Google gives more value to dofollow backlinks, transferring through them traffic to web pages. 

There are a lot of newcomers on a digital market who are looking for the simple ways to create inbound links to their websites. However, far from all of these link building techniques follow Google ranking guidelines. As a result, inexperienced webmasters either get any results concerning traffic and rankings or get sanctions from search engines. 

In this article, I would like to share with you some useful and trusted methods to get dofollow backlinks and raise your positions on search results page. Hopefully, these link building techniques will help you to get more traffic from search engines. 

First of all, let us discuss how we can distinguish between dofollow and nofollow backlinks. 

How to check what kind of backlinks do you have?

It is significant to know the difference between these types of inbound links as they possess different value for a website search engine optimization. 

Dofollow links are the links that have a “do” tag in their structure and transfer link juice from one web source to another. In such a ways, dofollow backlinks created from high PR websites pass valuable signals to linked source, showing Google an authority of this source and its value for users. 

To check whether you get dofollow backlinks or not, you just need to click on it and select inspect element. For instance, the HTML code of dofollow link looks like Google, and nofollow  Google.

Dofollow backlinks are more beneficial in the term of link building as they help your site to rank high in search results and help to improve your domain authority, page authority and PageRank. Moreover, they tell search engines about the high quality and relevance of your content. 

Ways to get free high PR dofollow backlinks

  • Use Commentluv

Commentluv is a popular WordPress plugin that serves to make your links dofollow in comments in Commentluv Enabled Blogs. You may find such blogs manually using particular phrases in Google (for instance - “technology commentluv blogs,” “Health commentluv blogs,” “your desired keyword here+commentluv blogs,” and so on. 

  • Guest Posting

You can build relevant dofollow backlinks through blog posts. First of all, you need to find related to your industry blogs or forums that allow guest posting. After that, you need to contact the blog owner and ask him about posting your content with a dofollow link. Submit your guest post, and within your post, you can link some of your fresh articles. To find quality guest blogs in your niche, you can conduct a Google research or utilize MyBlogGuest searching platform.

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