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How do I create backlinks for website without getting paid ones?

If you want to create backlinks for website instead of quickly getting some paid ones - perhaps you have already taken a well-formed decision. Let’s face it - applying for link trading may sometimes seem to be a very promising effort. In fact, however, that there are much higher chances for doing more harm to your current ranking progress, rather than benefit from any measurable and long-lasting boost in traffic, CTRs, conversion, etc. The thing is that now Google is emphasizing to award only quality and natural link building strategies. It means that to create backlinks for website the right way you will have to invest some time and effort to attract only relevant third-party web pages and blogs. Well, the modern concept of quality and organic link building isn’t as simple and easy-going as it used to be, for example, two or three years ago. Those good old times had long passed. 

Nowadays, you can successfully create backlinks for website only when using the right practical action plans, in line with maintaining a general SEO strategy continuously reviewed and adjusted behind them. But there is still no need to worry - here comes a couple of use-proven ways to getting quality links. All you need here is to invest some time and effort - given that you aren’t one of those no-good-with-hands guys - and your link profile is built all right. While some of the following steps are likely to take no more than just a couple of minutes for you to have everything in place, their vast potential to improve your SEO should never be underestimated. So, below are some of my top featured ways to create backlinks for website - naturally, efficiently and of course without paying a penny.

Get Quality Content that Delivers Value

Apparently, attracting more live visitors with a unique, quality and free information with real value is probably the best way to create backlinks for website organically, and without any risk of earning a ranking penalty. All you need is to provide a compelling page content (solid articles, case studies, etc.) to make more people share it, link to it, and mention it elsewhere on the Web. That way, consider reshaping a part of your plain text writings into something more perceptible and eye-catching, such as useful infographics, spreadsheets, brief case studies, charts, etc. 

Make the Most Out of Competitors

Well, there’s nothing wrong with spying on your niche competitors time to time for learning more about their successful experience in link building to fine-tune your further efforts best way possible. Don’t hesitate to try using one of those popular online tools for backlink research and analysis available in open access. As for me, I found the following frameworks more useful to get an invaluable competitive insight - Moz’s Open Site Explorer (Moz), Semalt Analyzer (Semalt), Screaming Frog SEO Spider. Everything can work perfectly well there. Just consider those already explored routes to the highest PageRank and authority sources to create backlinks for website or blog of your own.

Bottom Line

Having a solid content to generate quality backlinks naturally and using your niche rivals to replicate their best wins for your own advantage - would be great yet still not enough. That way, make sure keep working hard not only for building backlinks themselves, but for your stronger authority and public awareness as well. Consider interviewing top influencers in your industry, attracting a broader audience on popular Social Media, expanding your best masterpieces through guest blog posts and articles, as well as providing smart and insightful comments to enjoy those deserved backlinks in return. 

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